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  • Member Since March 2011

    Jodi VossPro-profile-badge

    Wellington, CO 

    I like exploring the hiking trails of Colorado and sharing my experiences with others.

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    CampingFishingHikingScenic DrivingSnowshoeing

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    Jodi's Recent Activity

    Jodi Voss completed Lily Mountain Trail

    5 days ago

    Jodi Voss reviewed Mount Evans Scenic Byway

    7 days ago

    Spectacular views! It was kind of windy, but it was neat watching the thunderstorm approaching. Just made it from top to bottom in time before the afternoon Colorado thunderstorm arrived. Definitely something to check out if you plan to be in the area. We really enjoyed this, celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary. To top it off, we got to witness a proposal while we were at the top. Many people brought their own signs with the elevation written on it for their selfie or photo for Facebook.

    Jodi Voss completed Mount Evans Scenic Byway

    7 days ago

    Jodi Voss reviewed Devil's Backbone Nature Trail

    22 days ago

    This is an easy trail, start early because it get's busy. We seen a lot of mountain bikers on the trail, in some areas it looks like it would be quite challenging if you were on a bike. We enjoyed the wide open space and visited the keyhole. It was a great first hike of 2014!