Joe wheeler blue trail loop

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wonderful views of the lake, bird watching, wildlife

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Jaye Slaton (59)

4 Completed1 Reviews

Great view! Good place to take younger kids to get them away from electronic devices. Beautiful trees,wildlife and birds.I've lived here 37 years and have always enjoyed it.

Joey Morris (1475)

24 Completed23 Reviews

Nice short hike. Loops through the woods next to the river. Worth hiking if you are in the area.

Mary Woodis (652)

16 Completed17 Reviews

We always try to do this hike whenever we take our camper to Joe Wheeler State Park. It is a pretty hike and you will always see plenty of deer.

Keith Winburn (468)

13 Completed14 Reviews

Todd Oyen (2173)

18 Completed9 Reviews

Easy hike. There are a few pretty views of the Tennessee River. If you like to see deer this is the place to go! Saw more than 30 on my last visit.