Joe wheeler blue trail loop

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wonderful views of the lake, bird watching, wildlife

This trail follows the shore line along wheeler lake. Its a pretty hike with nice overlooks and plenty of wildlife. This park is not made for hikers. It is a resort park so don't expect alot of company on the trails, nor much support as far as maps. The one map I did find seemed to bear nothing in relationship to the actual trail length nor the trail location. However this little gem of a hike is very well maintained (almost too well in places it looked like the trail was cut by a small bulldozer) and it looked like it was rarely used. There were lots of little suprises on the way like some near record size trees and in one place something that looked like a remote weather station.

From the day use area there towards the picnic areas the trail jogs off to the right to follow the shore of the lake. Trail is clearly marked but poorly advertised. There are no signs pointing out how to get to the trail head, however once you find it there is a brown trail marker. Trail is blue blazed.

Park Office, (256) 247-5466



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Great view! Good place to take younger kids to get them away from electronic devices. Beautiful trees,wildlife and birds.I've lived here 37 years and have always enjoyed it.



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Nice short hike. Loops through the woods next to the river. Worth hiking if you are in the area.



16 Completed 17 Reviews

We always try to do this hike whenever we take our camper to Joe Wheeler State Park. It is a pretty hike and you will always see plenty of deer.



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17 Completed 9 Reviews

Easy hike. There are a few pretty views of the Tennessee River. If you like to see deer this is the place to go! Saw more than 30 on my last visit.