Airport Loop Trail

#13 of 117 trails in Coconino National Forest
Airport Loop Trail is a 3.2 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Sedona, AZ that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

3.2 miles 393 feet Loop
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Allison Burkhart
11 days ago

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Krystal Lee
11 days ago

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Timothy Ivey
18 days ago

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This is a very nice hike. however, ID you have weak ankles this could be difficult for you as this trail is very rocky. For an avid biker like me though this trail was very enjoyable.

Kerri Wain
24 days ago

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I LOVE this trail. You can park halfway up the road (if there's a spot - there are only a few) and it's a simple hike up to the top where the spectacular views are. Or you can drive to the top where the airport parking lot is and have a nice hike down to the bottom of where you head up to where the views are. The views of West Sedona on the way down from the top lot are worth the longer hike in my opinion. Good for all ages and definitely don't forget your camera!!

Blue Heron
26 days ago

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This path is unsteady and you will have to watch your footing. Stay on the trail it's easy to mistake the horse trail for the footpath.

Amanda Ackerman
27 days ago

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Paul K.
28 days ago

Excellent first time trail in Sedona.....enough to get acclimated to the region. Great views of the valley!

Kay Nondorf
28 days ago

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Nice hike, weather was about 53 degrees which made enjoyable.

Felicity Macdonald
3 months ago

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Nicole Yates
5 months ago

5 Completed7 Reviews

Incredible! Meditation with cousin for over an over laying on rocks! Most impeccable peaceful moment ever!

Eddie D.
6 months ago

Pretty easy loop. Cool view at the top, but many more trails I found to be much better than this one. Altho this is one of the 4 main vortexes, so I had to check it out!

Rebecka Read
7 months ago

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Isabella McBride
8 months ago

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Beautiful hike. The panoramic views were spectacular and parts of the hike were still and a perfect chance for meditation. We went on a Monday morning around 7:30 am and only one parking spot was left. I would go earlier next time to hike by 6:30 am before the heat kicks in. We were lucky a cloud cover moved in.

Andy Wing
9 months ago

33 Completed30 Reviews

easy hike, went there for the vortex trees.

Had a great experience when a USAF C 17 flew over us, what a great experience for me and the kids.

Victor B.
9 months ago

It was great for meditation.

Lisa Fagley
1 year ago

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Ap Harris
1 year ago

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I truly enjoyed this trail. I hiked it on my second day of hiking and the views were amazing.

Nadia Skye
1 year ago

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Personally I like a hike that gets you out of society and into nature. You will always hear evidence of human activity no matter where on the loop you are. That being said, it is an EXCELLENT way to see Sedona if you're new in town or visiting. I would highly recommend bringing a map of the town so you can gather your bearings from each spot on the trail (look for the highways 89 and 179 and you'll start to be able to point out everything else).

For me, it wasn't the kind of "get outside and get your blood pumping" kind of hike that I look for. That's not to say it's easy, definitely bring enough water and expect to scuffle over some rocks. But it was good to do once, just for the views if nothing else.
As for the first overlook rock off of the main trailhead, I'll probably be spending plenty of time there in the future. It's supposedly a vortex site but wow you can tell why when you're up there. It's surreal and stunning and you really just have to do that one for yourself I can't explain it much better. Although that's somewhere just about anyone could get to, not really a hiking spot, just a 5 minute scramble up some rocks from the parking lot.

I did hike there though because I started the loop from the sunset trailhead off of, well, Sunset Dr. It's a lot quieter over there and a decent 30 minute hike to the vortex rock from there. Good spot, I think.

Amanda St.John
2 years ago

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We had a great time on a beautiful trail. I agree with one review - it's an excellent trail for a first trimmer to hiking. Beautiful views!!!!

Lynda C.
2 years ago

Took the hike to the Overlook Point. It is a steep but short climb and worth the effort. Take a moment to feel the energy!!