Antelope Canyon

#1 of 1 trails in Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park

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Antelope Canyon is the most-visited and most-photographed slot canyon in the American Southwest. It is located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona.

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Corbin Stokes (11346)

211 Completed208 Reviews

We did both Upper and Lower Canyon, both are amazing. Some of the coolest slot canyons I've ever seen! A definite must do!!

Matt Vandewalle (568)

52 Completed8 Reviews

Jennifer Bruce (193)

13 Completed4 Reviews

Gorgeous, like no place I've seen! If you have to choose just one, I'd suggest lower, less crowded and more light for beautiful photos.

Carmen Wilson (809)

53 Completed26 Reviews

Breathtaking beauty! Too crowded, but what can you do?

Michele Whisenhunt (816)

37 Completed35 Reviews

Really cool and interesting location! Loved it.

kate waterman (1249)

59 Completed25 Reviews

do this.
(and hopefully you will get a moment in the canyon all to yourself like I did!)

Yumi Iwasaki (83)

38 Completed1 Reviews

Absolutely stunning!

Christina Ross (271)

47 Completed7 Reviews


kate waterman (1249)

59 Completed25 Reviews

Scatter my ashes here

Mari Jane (636)

25 Completed14 Reviews

Absolutely stunning, a must see We made a trip out here especially for this and to see Horseshoe Bend (which is very near). Gets quite hot in the summer but the canyon remains cool. Make sure you go outside of when this place gets flash floods and get a good tour group, I believe we had Navajo Trails.