Fossil Springs Trail

#8 of 205 trails in Tonto National Forest
Fossil Springs Trail is a 8.4 mile out and back trail located near Pine, AZ that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from April until October.

8.4 miles 1479 feet Out & Back
hiking waterfall
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Steve Ramsdell

8 Completed3 Reviews

Great Saturday spent

mallory garcia

2 Completed3 Reviews

so much fun with friends! the waterfall was breathtaking !!

Kate Warren

13 Completed13 Reviews

Absolutely beautiful and worth the 4 mile uphill climb on the way back. Make sure to fill up your water bottles in the natural spring on the way out.

Jade Ph

2 Completed2 Reviews

The hike was amazing !!! Hiking to the waterfall is easy .... But hiking back is hard !!! Lots of hiking up... My cousin wasn't ready for that kind of hike. She almost die from legs cramp !! LOL we had to stop lot of time. Hiking in the dark is nice also but make sure to have a flash light or use your phone like we did :)

Ron Thomas

2 Completed2 Reviews

Beautiful hike! But the hike up is tough, need to make sure your well geared.

mark baldwin

1 Completed1 Reviews

My wife and I just went to Fossil Springs trail via Houston Mesa Campground this past weekend. I read at least 10 reviews prior and none were very accurate. We arrived at the trailhead at about 9 am. the parking lot was 1/2 full by this time. It was about 55 degrees but FELT warmer than that. We are avid hikers and fitness enthusiasts. being 47 years old I consider myself to be in very good shape. The hike down was easy, took us about 1.5 hours as I expected( 20 min per mile). The TOTAL distance to the "bowl" is 5 miles, not 8. By 11:00am, we could feel the heat despite the temperature only being about 65. Trust me, it feels much hotter than that. We stayed at the waterfall and bowl for about 45 mins enjoying the scenery. Our water supply was 60 oz per person and we packed bars, sunflower seeds and crackers for the hike. we started our ascent about 11:45 am and arrived at the top at 1:30 at a very brisk pace. Although I was tired, I wasn't exhausted, but I started feeling slight dehydration about 1 hour into the ascent. You can never drink enough water on these things despite the temps only being in the high 60's and low 70's. We saw people descending at 12:30 pm with NO WATER! how stupid. The heat is a fooler and it will catch you offguard.

The springs itself was magnificent. I am glad I made the 10 mile hike roundtrip. Again, its advertised as 8 but its 10. 5 miles there, 5 back. Please people, plan accordingly and get there early.

Richard Le Mieux

2 Completed2 Reviews

My wife and I went down for an over-nighter on Friday (Nov21). It was about a mile and a half of roughly graded road before the trail-head. TH allows parking for up to 30 vehicles. It has two clean pit toilets and bear-proof trash receptacles. We found one of the springs near the end of the trail and it was impressive! Water rushing out from the ground crystal clear. There are no campfires allowed in the creek/spring area nor improvements to the camp sites. On Friday we encountered no one on the trail down, but saw several people swimming in the 72 degree water below the falls (milepoint 4 or so). Ambient temp got down to freezing the next morning. Encountered a couple dozen people on Saturday morning (several trail runners, some hikers and a Boy Scout troop). Beautiful. Great time.

Allen Foos

13 Completed9 Reviews

Wow! I heard about this trail and finally ventured out last December from the Mesa area. Didn't think to check the weather closely and I arrived to 4 inches of snow on the ground! Decided to give it a go anyway and hiked for about 3+ hours, made it to the water before I decided I should head back given I was the only person for miles around .. kinda erie and no cell phone reception if I twisted an ankle! I'll be back when the weather is warmer to fully complete.

Brigid Dixon

1 Completed1 Reviews

LOVED this hike. The only thing I did not enjoy was the drive to get to the trail head. That you will want a truck or Jeep. I was able to do it in my Inifiniti G37 but would NEVER do it again. Thought I was going to puncture something in my undercarriage or lose my exhaust, saw a Mustang with an exhaust that was just all jacked up from the drive there.

The hike on the other hand is BEAUTIFUL. Make sure to stay near the water and you will find rope swings and a lot of hidden swimming holes along the way to the waterfall at the end. My suggestion would be to go during a weekday due to the fact that thew waterfall can be VERY crowded and was during our hike.

Richard Swanborg

2 Completed2 Reviews

We were prepared to hike there today. However it appears ALL of the roads (east and west) are now closed. This was posted in by the Forest Service "Payson, Ariz. (February 28, 2012) – Tonto and Coconino National Forest officials announced today that a portion of Fossil Creek Road (Forest Road 708) will remain closed until next year. (UPDATE: FR 708 from Strawberry will remain closed through 2015)
The road is closed from 1/2 mile west of the Fossil Creek entrance to the Upper Fossil Springs Trailhead extending west and down canyon to immediately east of the Waterfall Trailhead (old Flume Trail Trailhead).