Holbert Trail

#5 of 24 trails in South Mountain Park
Holbert Trail is a 4.9 mile out and back trail located near Phoenix, AZ that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking, walking, and horses. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

4.9 miles 1059 feet Out & Back
dogs on leash hiking walking horses rocky views washed out
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Riley OBrien

1 Completed1 Reviews

I would rate this moderate. Nice trail with nice views as you go up the mountain.

Rubin Linder

5 Completed1 Reviews

Larry Poush

12 Completed13 Reviews

love it on week days very few people

Philip Ruetz

12 Completed12 Reviews

Holbert Trail is a great all-around trail, something for everyone. Good workout, interesting scenery and beautiful views. Watch for petroglyphs throughout Box Canyon at the beginning of the trail. Lots of easy parking, too.

Rahul Garkhail

13 Completed12 Reviews

Augustus Creecy

6 Completed5 Reviews

I and two others did this trail yesterday. As we were climbing upward, The City of Phoenix Park Rangers and Conservation Crew were repairing the trail which is a good sign that the trails throughout South Mountain Preserve are being maintained. I enjoy this hike immensely and encourage those that enjoy hiking mountain trails that this is one you'll like.

danny flynn

32 Completed46 Reviews

Did Holbert again today. Hadn't been there in a year. Actually, today I did Holbert-National-Kiwanis. That is a 6 mile loop, beginning and ending at parking near the South Mountain Environmental Education Center. Holbert is moderate to difficult. It is difficult enough that children should not be on it. It is moderate enough to be manageable with a little effort. Maybe a lot! Fairly tough trail anyway. There is an unnamed lookout about 1 mile up that is a good stopping point and resting spot. It provides beautiful views of the city from east to west. Looking east there is even a view of Four Peaks on clear days. Past that lookout and at about 2 miles up there is a turn off to the Dobbins Extension, which is a great destination all by itself. Continuing past that turn, Holbert traipses through unmarked territory until it meets the summit road where it joins National going both east and west. That is only 2,2 miles according to my pedometer. Going west on National from there is fantastic as the trail passes directly under the radio towers which are viewable from nearly anywhere in Phoenix. Holbert is completely uphill the whole way, but National there turns mostly downhill, offering a relief from Holbert. National also crosses the summit road, where it meets Telegraph Pass trail, which heads south to near Ahwatukee. There is a comfortable park bench right there which makes for some pleasant seating. National is split there between the trail from Holbert and the trail continuing west a little ways up the road. From my experience, that is where National gets hard, Kiwanis also meets the road there, and that is an easy downhill hike from there. Anyway, Holbert is a challenging trail that provides an outlet to various other trails. It is part of the great hiking at South Mountain.

Augustus Creecy

6 Completed5 Reviews

I have done Holbert/Dobbins Trail twice and found this trail to be moderate to difficult. The last time I did this trail was in November of 2014 as part of the Phoenix Summit Challenge I don't recommend this trail to novice hikers, as with previous comments, it is steep, rocky and exerting.

James T

8 Completed4 Reviews

Great trail. Challenging enough to keep the interest and spectacular views. It does have some steep parts, but after each one it seems the scenery rewards you. The wife and I will hit it again for sure

danny flynn

32 Completed46 Reviews

I have done Holbert several times. I find it to be quite difficult! Maybe just me, but it's a steep climb over sharp rocks. Or, at least for the first half or so! There is a little unnamed lookout midway up at around 4 miles from the base. That's a good stopping point, and that's actually where the trail starts to get pretty easy. Past that there is a turn to the Dobbins Lookout, which is fantastic. That's a great destination in itself. Worth the hike all by itself. Continuing further on Holbert, there may be another two miles or so through mostly unmarked terrain. Eventually, Holbert ends at a road and there is meets up with the National trail, which is also excellent. A very challenging hike, err, at least in my opinion, is Holbert-National-Ranger. I did 14.8 miles on that course one day beginning and ending on 15th avenue south of dobbins. I did that twice. First time it almost killed me! Second time I planned better and did better. There is great hiking at South Mountain.