Holbert Trail

#5 of 23 trails in South Mountain Park

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Holbert Trail is a 4.7 mile out and back trail located near Phoenix, Arizona that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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James T (367)

8 Completed4 Reviews

Great trail. Challenging enough to keep the interest and spectacular views. It does have some steep parts, but after each one it seems the scenery rewards you. The wife and I will hit it again for sure

danny flynn (229)

4 Completed6 Reviews

I have done Holbert several times. I find it to be quite difficult! Maybe just me, but it's a steep climb over sharp rocks. Or, at least for the first half or so! There is a little unnamed lookout midway up at around 4 miles from the base. That's a good stopping point, and that's actually where the trail starts to get pretty easy. Past that there is a turn to the Dobbins Lookout, which is fantastic. That's a great destination in itself. Worth the hike all by itself. Continuing further on Holbert, there may be another two miles or so through mostly unmarked terrain. Eventually, Holbert ends at a road and there is meets up with the National trail, which is also excellent. A very challenging hike, err, at least in my opinion, is Holbert-National-Ranger. I did 14.8 miles on that course one day beginning and ending on 15th avenue south of dobbins. I did that twice. First time it almost killed me! Second time I planned better and did better. There is great hiking at South Mountain.

Kayla Christine (352)

11 Completed11 Reviews

Great hike and a nice trails. It's a steady incline, you can make it more or less difficult depending on how fast you want to go. I went to the top of Dubblins lookout but you can chose to go further.
There is plenty of parking for this trail if you go to the front park past the museum.

Bace Kamp.Com (323)

7 Completed2 Reviews

Summary: Holbert Trail to Dobbins Lookout. 3.8mi, about 1 hour, 928′ elevation, easy navigation, easy/moderate difficulty, pretty good hike (3 stars) | Explored my local mountains which I have neglected for the past oooh, 7 years. South Mountain is a great little range which outlines south Phoenix with a bunch of different trails. For those who like Camelback, this is a similarly great hike; however, there’s no scrambling and less Lulu (my two favorite parts about Camelback). You follow the trail up from the parking lot (yay, no approach) and scale your way up through a nice mountain retreat away from the city. I took the Dibbins Lookout turn off, but you can follow the Holbert trail until the end. Quick hike which was completed in about 1 hour at a determined walking pace. I’ll be using this trail to train for Denali in May 2014. You can also mountain bike this, which I’ll investigate in the future. Lots of families hiking over Thanksgiving weekend. | Water: 0.5L | Gear: Merrell Trail Gloves, Lululemon.

Larry Ayala (9520)

82 Completed77 Reviews

Well I did not get started unilt 2:30 in the afternoon and it was about 107. I only seen two other hikers on the trail and both were going down. It was kind of haze over the valley but I still got a few good pictures.

Herman Sanborn (1103)

28 Completed18 Reviews

Nice short hike. Completed it in just under 2 hours. Nice day, 90 degrees, with a gentle breeze. It was moderate with a few challenging spots but nothing overly difficult. Quite a few people out which after reading reviews surprised me consider most mentioned it wasn't a crowded trail. My only mistake was not bringing bug spray. The flies were THICK. That time of year or the area? Not sure. Everyone I encountered had arms flailing to combat the bugs. Would rather do Mormon Loop when I choose South Mountain.

Andy Wing (1653)

26 Completed21 Reviews

nice long trail. Almost 7 miles there and back. Made it to the end at the buena vista lookout. Nice views and easy trail to follow.

Eric Wisniewski (650)

55 Completed9 Reviews

One of my favorite trails in south mountain. Not as difficult as other trails in the Phoenix area, but I keep coming back. No crowds, trail is easy to navigate at night, overall just a great hike. If you do this trail, the dobbins lookout is a must. I enjoy spending time at the top overlooking the city.

Jay Daab (75)

5 Completed1 Reviews

Very scenic trail, but it is not difficult at all

Nick Peters (88)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Good hike with a lot of good spots to look out over the city. The were a lot of other hikers there as well as pets but the is more then enough parking. If you are looking for more difficulty try squaw peak.