Lost Dog Wash Trail

#1 of 12 trails in McDowell Mountain Regional Park
Lost Dog Wash Trail is a 6 mile trail located in the McDowell Mountains Scottsdale Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for birding, hiking, trail running & walking. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash

4.47 miles Loop 443 feet
Kid Friendly Dog Friendly
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From the end of the road the trail is an old jeep trail that climbs steadily to the north. After a half a mile the trail turns west and crosses a couple of washes before turning north again.

It then climbs a low ridge with good views of the Valley. After cresting the ridge, the trail drops down the west side and heads toward Lost Dog Wash. When you get to the wash there is a T-intersection. Take the right fork and head north toward Talliesin Ridge. The trail climbs in and out of a series of small washes as it continue to climb toward the ridge.

The trail is well maintained and the climbs are hardly strenuous. There is an overlook at the top of Talliesin Ridge and there are great views of Camelback, Squaw Peak and Pinnacle Peak.

The trail continues down the north side of Talliesin Ridge, but the overlook is the turn around for this hike.

Return the way you came.

Meredith Shirrell

12 Completed12 Reviews

I love this trail. Rocky terrain, but very manageable distance and incline. I loved the views too! I went before work on a weekday and only saw a few other people, but I wouldn't be surprised if it gets packed on weekends.

Christine Mahon

16 Completed7 Reviews

Nice, easy trail. A little crowded for my personal taste.

Michael S.

Underrated hike. Compares to other Southern Region McDowell Mountain Preserve trails for scenery.

Rebecka Read

9 Completed9 Reviews

Was my bi-weekly dog walking hike for years.

Nick Finch

5 Completed2 Reviews

Great hike. This side feels a bit longer and more gradual than the other side.... Sunrise trail, which climes in eleven quicker. Beautiful views. If you are looking to trail run, I would recommend lost dog over Sunrise, they bring you to the same peak.

Kimberley A

1 Completed1 Reviews

I arrived at McDowell around 6PM and was hoping to hike through the evening until 3-4AM, however the hours posted at the trailhead were sunrise-sunset. So my planned route was certainly not going to work. I ended up hiking something similar to Lost Dog Wash Loop so that I would be out on time. Beautiful views most of the hike. Maps & trash cans provided at the trailhead.
From the 124th St trailhead I went East to AS1, then onto Ringtail until it met with Old Jeep. At the end of Old Jeep Trail I took Lost Dog to the Taliesin Overlook, then on the way back took Lost Dog Wash through to SR19 with the little 800m cut through to Anasazi Spur. It ended up being a little 6.1 mile loop instead of the regular Lost Dog Wash Loop of 5.4 (including Taliesin).

Melissa Bills

11 Completed11 Reviews

Beautiful hike. The switch backs were quite a challenge for me I didn't go to the end but it was just another 5 minutes because I saw my friend and headed back. It was just as much a challenge going down especially because her friend is a hard core hiker with much longer legs than me...lol!!

Jorge Calle

1 Completed1 Reviews

tom simensen

6 Completed3 Reviews

Scenic in places, but with a lack of elevation change, somewhat boring - seemed more like a walk thru the desert. Lots of small rocks also made the footing difficult in many places.

DogWithShoes (Barkley Hoops)

12 Completed9 Reviews

More of a nature walk than a hike. A couple steep climbs and gradual dips, but nothing too large. You basically stay near the base of the mountain, not up it. There is not much shade so this is definitely an early morning hike. Well maintained and there are bathroom facilities. This is a great option for beginner hikers or families with kids or older generations.