Rim Trail

#8 of 76 trails in Grand Canyon National Park

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Rim Trail is a 18 mile out and back trail located near Grand Canyon, Arizona that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from April until October.

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Leslie Wong (629)

19 Completed19 Reviews

I walked a few sections of this trail and it was all very easy. Nice wide path with great views of the Canyon throughout. Visitors can bike along it too.

laura simpkins (208)

12 Completed7 Reviews

Easy walk along the rim. Parts near main village are handicap accessible and have interpretive markers for geology.

Annette Smith (136)

6 Completed5 Reviews

Very easy walk along the rim of the canyon. Can do half a mile or 10 miles and catch a bus back from several points.

Jeremy Zilkie (843)

33 Completed29 Reviews

Dallin Wellington (440)

27 Completed1 Reviews

I took this trail from the Visitor's Center to get to Bright Angel Trailhead (~2.5 miles one-way). Very nice views, but extremely crowded during the afternoon. When I started (around 9 A.M.) there were periods on the way over to Bright Angel that I had the trail to myself, but on the way back (around 1 P.M.) it was packed pretty much the entire length of the trail.

Taylor Farr (621)

23 Completed23 Reviews

Jeremy Haines (590)

29 Completed21 Reviews

Awesome views as you would expect. Easy trail, which means lots of people. And plenty of rude people. But other than that any hike is a good hike and the grand canyon never disappoints.

Andrew Walck (523)

31 Completed23 Reviews

Great trail . Well worth the five stars , but at peak season, it almost feels like your in New York City with the amount of people screaming and pushing by .

Lee Wingo (1005)

45 Completed36 Reviews

We hiked about 6 miles of the rim trail in early march. We did the hermits rest route. You can hop on a trolley if you get tired or are ready to see a different perspective which is what we did.

Erica Smith (274)

16 Completed4 Reviews

I did the whole trail over two days in late July. The trail seemed to get more people on it later in the afternoon, and closer to the overlooks where the trollies are letting people off. It was a spectacular way to see the canyon, especially during the "red section". There were far fewer people on it when I hiked, which allowed better views, and was very peaceful.