Seven Falls Trail

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Seven Falls Trail is a 7.8 mile out and back trail located near Tucson, Arizona that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

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Kade Mislinski (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Love this hike

Ben Teague (205)

5 Completed5 Reviews

It's sort of a run of the mill hike. If it wasn't so long it would be fine for little people.

Steven Cobert (76)

1 Completed1 Reviews

This is a good Hike for Arizona. I guess I'm spoiled from Colorado. If your in Tucson and you need something to do outside, this isn't a bad hike. The water at the "waterfalls" is refreshing once you get there. Be advised, if your expecting an actual waterfall when you get there you'll be sadly disappointed. Overall, this hike is okay. It might be 5 stars for Arizona, but most certainly isn't worth 5 stars in comparison to the places I've seen in my lifetime.

Sue Kopas (243)

19 Completed9 Reviews

I was visiting relatives in Tucson and did this trail early on a weekend morning. I went 9 miles round trip and didn't really encounter too many people until the end. It was around 9:30 am. Very nice and not a difficult run. Loved the stream crossings.

DogWithShoes (Barkley Hoops) (262)

12 Completed7 Reviews

This was a spectacular hike, very quiet and secluded. We didn't really encounter any other hikers until we reached the falls. Bring PLENTY of water. Also, check the tram schedule ahead of time. We missed the tram and, rather than waiting a half hour for the next one, chose to take on the extra mileage (which wasn't a big deal because it was a beautiful walk) but you'll probably be quite thankful for the lift back.

Watch for snakes. Sadly, dogs are not permitted on this trail (or most trails in Tucson for that matter).

Kelly O. (567)

13 Completed6 Reviews

Very busy but nice! Difficult for my 9 year old but the water was awesome! The trail was hard to find at times but others in the trail were really nice to help. Bring lots of water and sunscreen for sure. Tons of people were hiking that were NOT prepared to hike. I'm not sure why they were attempting such a hike wearing dresses and moccasins with no water. They were obviously not from America and I really hope they didn't get hurt or sick.

Steve Ferguson (290)

6 Completed4 Reviews

This is a must do for anybody. The grand finale (the falls) is one of those things you have to see. The first 2 miles is a road march for a lack of better term, but there is a side trail that runs along side the road that you can take, and I would recommend it. The 7 water crossings aren't bad at all and you can just rock hop across. There was one that it was hard to tell where to go on the opposite side, but I forgot which one, sorry! Right before you make the last river crossing there is a good spot to rest a bit, maybe have a snack and enjoy the view and sound of some small waterfalls.

The few switchbacks after the last crossing mean you are almost there and the elevation gain is gradual. You have a great overlook of the falls right before you descend to them. The water was pretty darn cold a few days ago. It definitely takes your breath away if you decide to get in it!

There was a lot of traffic on this trail, as to be expected. But it's worth it! I read some contradicting reports, but dogs are NOT allowed on this trail. I tracked 8.2 miles overall on this trail.

Jordan Wennen (172)

21 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful hike! A bit longer than we had expected, make sure you wear proper shoes or boots! Be sure to be in good hiking shape as well! (; Beautiful scenery and vistas throughout the entire hike. The trail gets a little hairy at times, crossing back and forth over the water, kind of easy to get off trail at times. But very fulfilling once you get to the falls and pools!! We hiked from a little later in the afternoon until sundown, so make sure you get a early start! Also there is a lot of road in the beginning of the hike, we just got off the road and found little trails alongside if you aren't looking for an asphalt hike. Have fun!

Ashley Adams (106)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Such a beautiful trail the whole way in. And the falls at the end.. what an epic treat! Definitely do this hike if you're in the area.

Patrick André (114)

8 Completed2 Reviews

It's a great hike for any skill level. The only semi-steep part is the last 15-20 minutes before you descend to the falls. Also, after the last crossing there is a pseudo-trail ahead. Usually there are some lines of rocks blocking the trail a little bit. You will be making a sharp turn i.e. a switchback, instead. So, keep looking to your right to not miss this one.
You will also notice that the trail is well maintained, while the wrong continuation is not and becomes exceedingly steeper, tighter and slippery because of the fine erosion.

The falls are fun if they are really full, but even if they holf less water. I would suggest you take some time and enjoy the place. If you take swimming gear, it will be cold, but also a lot of fun!

Fact is: You need to make this hike at least once!