Shoshone Point

#18 of 76 trails in Grand Canyon National Park

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Shoshone Point is a 2 mile out and back trail located near Grand Canyon, Arizona that offers the chance to see wildlife and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from April until November.

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Matt Nolan (578)

32 Completed31 Reviews

Got away from the Disney Land like visitor center area. Great solitude in such a hectic area.

Fred Chenot (4106)

47 Completed35 Reviews

The trail, which is not marked, is actually an unpaved park road that intersects East Rim Drive between mile posts 244 and 245. The road is usually gated and there is a parking area adjacent to the road. If there are a lot of cars in the parking area, come back another time. The park service rents out Shoshone Point for weddings and private parties.

Once you find the road, it's pretty simple. Follow the road until you reach the rim. The road passes through Ponderosa Pine forest for about a mile (take a minute to smell a Ponderosa Pine--they really do smell like vanilla) and then emerges onto the rim. The views from the rim are, of course, spectacular and you have much more time here to take in the canyon than you would from the busier overlooks on the Rim Trail.

You can walk right out to the point if you'd like to, but there is a narrow segment of the point with fairly sketchy footing that we didn't attempt with our kids, who were 10 and 5 at the time. You don't need to go out to the point to see the view, though. While we were there, other hikers were out on the point with, unbelievably, a large dog on a leash. It's not a good idea to have your dog near the rim.

The Shoshone Point Trail is a unique experience on the South Rim of Grand Canyon in that it provides a quiet walk through woods to rim views of the canyon. The trail is definitely worth the hour or so that it will take to complete.

Jonathan Metz (274)

2 Completed1 Reviews

I've been here multiple times, as it's a great place to get breathtaking photos without a lot of crowds. The best times to go here are probably any time the weekend isn't. I would avoid going here during the evening hours of the weekend because the site is popular for weddings and other gatherings. Fortunately it's still possible to go elsewhere around the picnic area at the end to avoid others, but for weddings, I prefer to leave it all to the newlyweds.

A good idea is to bring a liter of water, some salty snacks and most definitely a camera. If going to see the sunset, bring a headlamp or flashlight as it gets dark pretty quickly after the sun goes down with all the cover on the trail. I would advice against sneakers or anything without decent traction so you can enjoy the views after the trail.

The trailhead can be very difficult to find. As you are driving RT 64 towards Desert View, drive just past the Grandview Bus Entrance, and continue until you see a Yellow Mountain Lion Crossing sign. There should be a parking area on the left a little bit beyond that. If you are lucky, there will be others parked there. I've never seen a sign for this area.

The parking area is safe (it's far removed from everyone). And you will know you are in the right spot when you see the gate, which is the beginning and end of the trailhead. From here, it is a very easy two mile trek to the end through a very wooded section of two track. To give you an idea of the ease of use, I've driven my Honda Fit on this road for many an event, and one time, a ranger gave the Catering Manager and I a lift to the end in his Ford Contour. This is a very easy hike and perfect for anyone with bad knees or sore hamstrings after climbing the other trails in the Park.

At the end of the trail is the real reward. The trail ends in a looped parking area and a ramada (sort of an open air shelter). The Park Service finally remodeled this area and they did an amazing job. The views just beyond the ramada are fantastic, but the real treat is walking straight from the trail terminus so the bathrooms are on your left and the ramada is on your right.

From here, you can walk pretty far out onto the actual Shoshone Point. I caution anyone in sneakers or (I've seen it) high heels, the area here is a little hairy. It's a little craggy here and has some scree to be aware of. The views are amazing here, and many people will tell you that this is the most amazing spot in the entire Park to view a sunset. I'm not sure I agree with that, but it is a very cool place to look, particularly with limited time or heavy camera equipment.