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Smiley Rock is a 23 mile point-to-point trail located near Jerome, Arizona that features a river. The trail is rated as moderate and offers a number of activity options. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail. Can be accessed from Prescott Valley or Chino Valley as well as from Jerome.

Awesome light trail with great scenic views. The difficult part of the trail can be skipped by taking a different route. Martinez canyon where the difficult part lies with the infamous rock that appears to have a smiley face. Going through the canyon will need a vehicle suited for off-road travel and can navigate good sized rocks. While the rocky areas aren't to difficult, having a smaller vehicle like a Jeep will help. Full size trucks/SUVs may encounter some problems and may need the driver to be more careful with picking a path to navigate the rocks without damage. Rock size range from 1' to 2' diameter. Water and snow will increase the difficultly.

You can start in Jarome which is on highway 89A. Turning towards Iron King mine will lead you to the main dirt road.



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Scenic trail that can go from Jarome to the top of mingus mountain. The main part of the trail where the rock that looks like it's smiling is Martinez canyon where there are a couple of stints of rock gardens. The rocks in these areas are not huge by any means and with careful tire placement, are not a problem. I finished this in a lightly modified suzuki samurai w/ 29' tires and a small lift with open diffs. I would recommend smaller vehicles as the trail does get narrow at spots and could pose problems when navigating the rocks. Jeep type vehicles should be fine even in stock form while other SUVs may have problems because of the longer wheel base. The main part of the trail (7 miles) took about 2 hours to complete with stopping for some photos with smiley rock. Over all it was a good little trail that wasn't to difficult while still challenging enough for a quick relaxing run. With the beautiful scenery, it is a must do especially for those that are new to off-road driving.