SugarLoaf Trail

Sedona, AZ

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Located in Sedona. Not a lot of parking. Great Views of some of the major mountain ranges

Easy trail and to the summit is super easy. Not slippery when wet.

From 89A take Coffee Pot Dr. North to Sanborn Dr. West. then north on Little Elf Dr. Follow the signs to the parking lot.

Parking is limited to about 10 vehicles at the most. No facilities. But you do have access to the other parking lot along the trail.



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Easy trail, but some of the best views of sedona. It was a rainy day, actually a rainy weekend, but that didn't stop us from hiking up there and sitting in the hot tub at night.

If you have children this is the perfect trail to take them on. It is also the trail from the live webcam on the web.