Tom's Thumb Trail

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Tom's Thumb Trail is a 6.3 mile out and back trail located near Scottsdale, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from November until April. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Amy Sibert (642)

9 Completed3 Reviews

Great hike. Beautiful view at the top. Saw some cottontail rabbits, birds and plenty of wildflowers. Had to catch my breath a few times on the way up but was well worth it. Recommend this trail to anybody. Was kinda a drive to get to but will be back.

tom simensen (69)

6 Completed3 Reviews

This was my 1st time hiking this trail, and I hadn't researched it at all beforehand. Quite an elevation change, so this was the most challenging part. Lots of fun people and some dogs on the trail which made the hike even more interesting. Some loose rock in many places, so you need to watch your step a bit. Wonderful views. I'm excited about doing this hike again sometime.

Andi Donahue (603)

25 Completed15 Reviews

Lots of elevations gain then loss then gain then loss. Maybe it's better to go in spring when things are blooming. We went during winter and everything was very drab and brown. There wasn't much worth seeing until the top. Didn't quite enjoy this one as much. Lots of switchbacks but without a lot of great views to make them worth doing.

Jackie Behm (148)

3 Completed4 Reviews

I enjoyed this hike tremendously. It is not very long, which makes it easy to run through some of the steep switchbacks, knowing the way back is a piece of cake. After hiking up to the thumb, take a right and complete an easy less than a mile hike to the lookout. 360 degrees from the top of the thumb, lots of places to explore but get there early we were heading out at about 10:30 am and it was getting crowded with lots of families bound to slow down a hike.

Elissa Haynes (513)

13 Completed5 Reviews

Jarrad Griffith (647)

32 Completed19 Reviews

uphill and nice view once you get towards the top but not one of my favorites

Kenneth Kirsner (58)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Great hike, even if it is warm it is on the north side so if you start early you get some shade. Great views, great elevation gain. A nice little side out to the lookout is also nice.

Deb mohan (913)

18 Completed7 Reviews

Beautiful hike with lots of views. Very well marked trail and maintained. Wish the people who go there did not dump their left-overs. Would recommend some literature on LNT distributed there.

Steven Spritzer (228)

11 Completed1 Reviews

This hike was awesome! A little harder than I thought it was going to be. Very steep in the beginning. But overall a very fun hike with beautiful views.

Katie Thieman (264)

6 Completed5 Reviews

This was a fantastic hike! From the trail head parking lot to Tom's Thumb (the trail we took anyways) is about 2 miles, we also made a pit stop at the lookout point. So our trip was around 4 miles out and back, not the 6 this page says. But still fantastic! But let me tell you that first half of the climb kicks your butt! We had to make multiple stops to catch our breath and for water. We are all regular hikers and all of us thought this first part of the hike is hard. But don't give up! Once you get past the first steep out and back section it is much easier and the views are definitely worth it! My favorite hike I've done in AZ so far! I'll definitely be back! Oh, and bring a lot of water because there isn't any at the trail head and I went through the whole 2L that I brought. I also recommend going early in the morning to take advantage of the beginning (hard) part of the trail being in the shade.