Treasure Loop Trail

#3 of 6 trails in Lost Dutchman State Park

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Park Fee = $7.00

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Ellisabeth Solomon (135)

4 Completed3 Reviews

I was exhausted by the time we finished but beautiful views. It goes higher then we thought but we went high as it went.

Katie Hansford (94)

2 Completed2 Reviews

One of my favorite trails close to home. A lot of fun to run, has a nice gentle incline. There is an entrance that costs money, unless you go a little further up the road then you can park and hike for free.

angela shams (356)

14 Completed4 Reviews

Fairly easy trail, more like a inclined walk. Great to run.

Mary Shutan (74)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Lovely trail with nice views. Does cost $ to get into the park, but well worth it. Definitely wear good shoes- there are loose rocks that created issues for people not wearing shoes with traction.

Marc Fisher (410)

8 Completed5 Reviews

Fun mountain with amazing views. I did the main loop which brings you to the base of the Superstition Mountains. There are other trails you can take which will wind you around or up the mountain. Easy to moderate for most people. Too bad it's in a pay to get in park. $6

Pete Zrioka (187)

11 Completed3 Reviews

Very leisurely hike around the base of some of the Superstitions, and serves as a good introduction to the area. The well-maintained trail connects to Jacob's Crosscut as well as Prospector's View, so you can easily extend your hike to see a bit more. There's also some goat trails leading up toward the Praying Hands if you feel inclined to scramble up that way.

John Harris (339)

16 Completed12 Reviews

Great trail for beginners to the superstition wilderness. Must pay a $6 fee at the entrance to the park.

Cassie L. (204)

Gorgeous hike. One of my favorites so far. I brought my 3 year old and she did fine. :)

Lance Ware (1648)

28 Completed28 Reviews

Nice short hike gradually ascending to the base of the Superstition Mountains. Very scenic views of the cliffs.

Ross A (1277)

17 Completed17 Reviews

Treasure Loop Trail is fairly simple for almost anyone who can walk for an hour or two. The elevation is flat so you're not working up too much of a sweat. The highest point you go up to (known as Green Boulder) is around 2,580 ft, but this is not felt as much as it should be. There are a couple of parking lots, with rest rooms and water areas. It is still wise to bring water. For the more advanced hikers, I recommend the trails East of the Park (such as Siphon Draw Trail).