Treasure Loop Trail

#3 of 6 trails in Lost Dutchman State Park

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Jamie Jergenson (487)

10 Completed1 Reviews

Great, took my 4 year old and dog.

Julianna Bailey (101)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Easy quick hike.

Steve Kropp (148)

4 Completed2 Reviews

We hiked this trail with ages 9 to 67 and all enjoyed it. Nice hike that required a little effort for those not in good shape. Nice views.

John Hollmann (308)

3 Completed3 Reviews

A nice hike that we had done a number of years earlier. Beautiful scenery and a lot of hikers of all kinds on this trail today. Worked up a little sweat, but had a good time. Not too difficult.

Jessey J. (79)

Kids and I love this trail. It is short and has some great views. There is a nice drive up into the canyon to do when you are done to make a morning of it.

Gurjit C. (176)

This is a wonderful and light hike. We ended up going off-trail by mistake, but it still turned out to be wonderful. The views were simply amazing!

Preston Smith (892)

16 Completed16 Reviews

Look my 3, 5 year old and 2 year old on my back. Great little hike for the family. Go around sunset for a great view from the top of the loop.

The loop is easy for the first .5 and get steeper for the next mile or so but then goes down hill from there. It is simple and beautiful trail for families and a light hike.

Roy Douglas (42)

4 Completed1 Reviews

Great Trail; well marked with spectular views. We left from the Saguaro Day Use Parking Lot and it was a pretty steep climb up to the top of the trail, but a fairly gentle stroll down the back half. There are benches along the way when you want to stop to enjoy the views.

Marie Sivec (88)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Super nice trail, well maintained. Remember to turn and look back often, great views of the city as you climb higher.

Donald Webster (236)

7 Completed5 Reviews

Great family trail, my 5 and 7 year olds had an absolutely wonderful time and were none the worse for wear.

We actually went backwards on this trail without realizing it so the descent was tougher for us and the climb easier. The what is supposed to be "back half" is a gentle stroll down the base of the mountain. Make sure you go the correct way

Beautiful views with well maintained trail.