Burns Park MTB Trail

North Little Rock, AR
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Awesome single track trail network in Burns Park North Little Rock, AR. Have fun riding a well marked trail network with multiple trail heads. Several small rock gardens are mixed in with plenty of fun flowing sections. Trail is shared with hikers, trail runners, and occasional horses.



13 Completed 1 Reviews

Great trail network for trail running, too. It's an awesome resource so close to Arkansas' largest population center.



47 Completed 8 Reviews

Great trail network, consists of three trails: green, yellow and red (in order of difficulty/elevation change). Gets a bit rocky in some places, but overall a lot of fun!


Ryan Veneberg


8 Completed 5 Reviews

Trail was in great riding condition today. A few sections were recently cleared and improved this past weekend. Unfortunately horse pooh is starting to accumulate, especially on yellow loop above the quarry and on red loop. Large forest to crap in, and where do the horse droppings land? In the middle of all trail. What happened to "carry in, carry out" rule? Trail etiquette?