Glory Hole Waterfall Trail

#2 of 64 trails in Ozark National Forest
Glory Hole Waterfall Trail is a 1.7 mile out and back trail located near Deer, AR that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

1.7 miles 177 feet Out & Back
hiking forest rocky views waterfall
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The trail in to the water fall is all down hill, so the hike out is all up hill. The trail starts out as an old jeep trail and turns into a narrow path. The destination is the water fall. The water fallis unique in that the water has worn through the ledge and plummets through a round hole instead of over the ledge. Thus the name Glory Hole. Always best to hike in the spring or late fall when water is flowing. Well worth the hike. use extreme caution approaching the water fall from the top

Brian Beard

5 Completed0 Reviews

Great hike. The Glory Hole is a must see! Lots of scenery.

Brooks Thomas

1 Completed1 Reviews

Really cool! Never seen a hole worn through a rock like that, wonder how long it took?

Brady Fultz

27 Completed4 Reviews

Lots to see on this trail.

Brandi Sissel

3 Completed4 Reviews

Great trail! Glory hole is very neat several other falls and creeks as well along the way. The monstrous rocks at the bottom are fun to climb abound on and just amazing to look at. This is a very magical like area. He hike back to the top is a little steep but not very long.

Gail Wood

2 Completed1 Reviews

Fun trail. Starts out easy and gets a bit more difficult the further you get to the falls. The water was gushing today and looked pretty great. Hike back up got the heart pumping which felt good.

Donna Williams

1 Completed1 Reviews

BE CAREFUL! One mis-step could mean your life! My nephew went today for a hike. When taking pics he mis-stepped and fell through the hole. He is now in Critical but stable condition! After laying there over 2 hours because it took so long for paramedics to be able to reach him! Beautiful place I hear but dangerous like so many places......PLEASE be careful!

Dana Danvers

1 Completed1 Reviews

Roy Hale

8 Completed9 Reviews

Not a bad hike. It sure seems a lot longer trail on the way back to the vehicle though.

rex harris

1 Completed1 Reviews

Went on 12/18/15. Plenty of water was running. Pretty.

Dana Ramsey

4 Completed4 Reviews

water was running, trail down easy, trail back up well.....