Glory Hole Waterfall Trail

#2 of 64 trails in Ozark National Forest

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The trail in to the waterfall is all downhill, so the hike out is all uphill. The trail starts out as an old jeep trail and turns into a narrow path. The destination is the waterfall. The waterfall is unique in that the water has worn through the ledge and plummets through a round hole.

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Laura Siler (156)

8 Completed5 Reviews

Struggled to locate trailhead and only found it because there were two cars parked there already. The hike in is not bad, coming back out is a good workout! There wasn't a lot of water running when were there but that is pretty much as expected after a dry spell. Hope to go back with the kids in winter and see the ice formations!

Kaylee Richardson (53)

2 Completed2 Reviews

There was no water running at all when we went at the end of September. Still a fun, short hike. The glory hole was still amazing to see even with no water.

Bob Wharton (8797)

295 Completed297 Reviews

Very nice place. But every time I do this trail so dose everyone else.
Lots of traffic here.

Tonya Vandermey (597)

12 Completed9 Reviews

There was not much water flowing on the day that I went. It's downhill all the way to the falls which means an uphill all the way back :) it was a very hot day with lots of bugs when I went to. Spring or after a decent rain would have been better.

Lori Kirchner (65)

13 Completed2 Reviews

Almost past the pull over to the trail head, thankfully the other cars there marked it, & I didn't miss it. I'd use GPS coordinates to find it more easily. The hike was easy going in, but pace yourself on the steep climb out. There were 2 falls the day we went. One was just after the first steep decent. It was of the trail a bit and a little muddy but worth it. Then the glory hole at the bottom. Since the water was low we did get to see it easily from the top an bottom, which are both beautiful. We ended up going across a creek bed and made a wide loop back to the base, because the closer shorter route was steep and slick. There was lots to explore in the area, the waterfall pouring trough the hole was the highlight, but don't be to hasty. My kids loved climbing around the boulders and creek bed.

Justin Olson (404)

20 Completed16 Reviews

I passed the parking area on my first time there. It's pretty easy to miss.
The old jeep trail as well packed down and pretty easy to hike.
The Gloryhole was definitely the highlight but if you keep going beyond that you get to see some interesting rocks and boulders that were fun to climb on and take pictures.
I'd like to see the Gloryhole again after a decent amount of rain though.

Justin Olson (404)

20 Completed16 Reviews

Jessica Seeber (204)

12 Completed3 Reviews

Great hike! Just a tip for someone who hasnt visited this trail...

There was no sign for trail. So, after turning on to hwy. 16, look for a dirt pullover on the side of the road for trail. Approx 5 miles after turning off of 21.

Off the trail, (give or take .5 mi) is a hollow with a waterfall that flows into the creek. You can actually follow this creek to the Glory Hole.

Tree coverage is great! Weather was about 90 but once on trail it felt like it was 80

RustyandVirginia Altstatt (211)

11 Completed6 Reviews

Easy to find TH, beautiful area. We went after it had been raining all week and the trail was a bit muddy but nothing to bad! Alot of people were coming in and out.....water coming through "Glory Hole" at a good pace. Would love to see it when it's full force though. The hike back out was a little strenous and it's 2 days later and my thighs are still burning!! So not for the random hiker (like me)!!! But it was well worth it.

Ken Loesch (655)

10 Completed9 Reviews

Really nice easy trail. should go after or during rain to see the falls. we didn't see anyone on the trail until half way back up. Not much wild life.