Hawksbill Crag Trail

#2 of 66 trails in Ozark National Forest

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The trail's destination is the "Crag", a rock formation that juts out from the bluff's face that resembles a hawk's beak. It overlooks Whitaker Creek and a huge valley stretching for a long distance. but this is not all, in the spring and fall rainy season you can discover a number of waterfalls.

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Dan Cross (1452)

6 Completed5 Reviews

The greatest views with the least strenuous hike. I have hiked this trail 3 times before. Beautiful anytime of year.

Justin Olson (402)

18 Completed16 Reviews

Valerie Peterson (130)

9 Completed1 Reviews

Loved this hike! Even after having knee surgery (a few years ago) I was able to hike this trail. Beatutiful!! 5 miles up the dirt road and thinking we might be lost ha we finally came upon the trail head (and disgusting porta potty...c'mon people!! Keep your trash where it belongs! ) Lots of up an down but nothing I couldn't do... It was a very hot day as well. I suggest a few bottles of water or a camelback during the summer months. I would love to visit in the fall! The crag itself was much wider than I initially thought so (having a fear of heights) I was able to walk out and have a few photos taken. 100 ft drop does not sound like a fun landing to me. Be safe people!

Barbara & Oscar Zamudio (116)

3 Completed2 Reviews

A relatively great hike for any hiker. We tried to drive the 5 mile drive to the parking area in motorcycles and it was too dangerous. Loose gravel and very steep climbs forced us to park at the entrance to county road 5. Overall great reward for such a short hike. The peak is breathtaking. Great views.

Benjamin Hancock (202)

21 Completed10 Reviews

Ignore my comment about the coordinates, they were for the hawksbill crag waterfall bushwhack trailhead. My gps had me approach from the south and left me half a mile short of the goal. The current coordinates are correct.

Benjamin Hancock (202)

21 Completed10 Reviews

Easy trail, well marked, nice views at the end. THE GIVEN COORDINATES FOR THE TRAILHEAD ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This lead us 30 miles out of the way (and 30 miles back) down some really crappy roads. The ACTUAL trailhead coordinates that I took WHILE STANDING AT THE TRAILHEAD are: N 35 53.894, W 93 27.478 My guess is that someone went on Google maps after the fact and tried to identify the trailhead based on landmarks because there are similarities.

Reva McGourty (93)

6 Completed3 Reviews

It was an AMAZING hike, we did it for Father's Day with a large family group and had a blast even though it rained all the way back out! Great Memories today!!

Noah Abe (73)

2 Completed2 Reviews

It's a moderate hike, nothing too strenuous. Late spring and the fall are the best times to go. In the late spring you get wonderful fog ridden views and in the fall the Ozarks are in their prime. Well worth the hike!

Ken Loesch (655)

10 Completed9 Reviews

What a beautiful overlook. Fun trail with great places to explore. Saw a few people on the trail mid day on a Friday, so i can only imagine weekends being very busy. The trail was very clean and not to much wildlife.

Amanda Wantt (56)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Read my experience at Hawksbill Crag and Eden Falls here: http://amandaleighwant.weebly.com You won't regret it! Awesome hike, even better scenery!