Hemmed in Hollow Trail

#1 of 6 trails in Buffalo National River Wilderness
Hemmed in Hollow Trail is a 5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Compton, AR that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

5.1 miles 1335 feet Out & Back
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Gravel parking lot at the trail head.

Eric Skaggs
4 days ago

1 Completed5 Reviews

easy going down from Trailhead but the hike back up requires some energy! I like to pack light and bring water and snacks!:) leave the stuff you don't need at home!

On the way down the first part of the trail is somewhat flat but soon heads down many natural steps! the trail has long switchbacks in parts along with many natural places to stop and rest.

go anytime after heavy rain!

There's actually more waterfalls on this hike just before reaching the main waterfall at Hemmed In hollow, there's another couple waterfalls if you take the trail to the left once at the bottom of the trail.

you can walk right up to the falls and even behind them but be warned the rocks are very slippery!

there's a trail that come up to the hollow from the Buffalo river but trails not marked down there and unless you know your way around these parts its best to hike from the trailhead from up top.

Hemmed has the biggest natural waterfall in the state of Arkansas.





Lisa Hyatt
4 days ago

1 Completed0 Reviews

Hemmed in hollow is a tough trail so if you are not in sharp it's going to be tough coming back up.. Took a dog with us and had a park ranger waiting for us and told us dogs were not allowed. This was the toughest trail I have hiked so far but well worth it..

Roger Suggs
7 days ago

34 Completed0 Reviews

Try to go after a rain but it's a great hike anytime. The hike back up will definitely work you out but it isn't something most people can't do. We took our time at the falls and it still only took about 3.5 hours.

Michael Mayberry
8 days ago

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Hiked it twice, best to go after a good down pour, but it's a beautiful place to experience and be

Janae Hilton
23 days ago

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This was my 1st "real hike". Loved it!! Going down my knees got a bit shaky & going back up well I could feel the burn in my legs. I've got bad knees and was shocked they didn't swell or hurt!! Woke up with sore calf muscles though ., lol. The trail is clearly marked out. Also we went on a Saturday and their were quite a few hikers that day. Many times I would have to pull over to let other experienced & in shape hikers by. :-)) However I did over pack my back pack for this trip. I packed like I was going to get lost, but i had no clue what I was getting into. I hope to go back soon as this hike was a great challenge! It's beautiful & the waterfall was running and such a fun time having a little picnic near it! Took 4.5 hrs & only rested at the first little camp on the way down mainly too Bc theirs a rock that hangs out over the edge and offers a beautiful view of the bluffs. Great memories were made along with the feeling of pride in doing it. Have fun!!!

Gina Bishop
24 days ago

4 Completed0 Reviews

very nice trail, beautiful waterfall! easy in, tough coming back out.

Christina Hahn
29 days ago

2 Completed0 Reviews

My standard poodle and I had a great hike. Definitely challenging coming back up, but will worth it.

Evan Bishop
1 month ago

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Awesome trail, you have beautiful sights, especially the falls outlook. The trail is slightly difficult going back up from hemmed in hollow but we'll worth it, one of the best waterfalls I have ever seen.

Ryan Puckett
1 month ago

3 Completed0 Reviews

I can't speak for the whole trail because we came in from kayaking the buffalo which is just about a mile I think. But the water fall and all views in between were awesome!

Troop527 BSA
1 month ago

2 Completed0 Reviews

Lots of fun, lots of ups and downs, and had to take a lot of breaks on the way up.

Angela Victoria
1 month ago

5 Completed0 Reviews

Decided to take this hike on a whim while we were in Ponca. It was far more difficult than we thought it would be but well worth it. With plenty of water and taking frequent breaks even the 15 week old Catahoula pup made it!

Josh FunkyMonkey
1 month ago

29 Completed5 Reviews

Very nice hike well worth it!

Robert Lloyd
1 month ago

8 Completed0 Reviews


Chris F.
1 month ago

Very Fun. Great Views. Not as Challenging as I thought it would be coming back up. Had a Great hike though.

Steve Johnson
1 month ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

It took us roughly 3 hours total to do this hike. The walk back up was difficult and steep, and your calves will be sore and on fire the next morning. BUT, I would have to say the hike was worth the time and pain. Very beautiful waterfall and creek

Perry S.
1 month ago

Was an easy decent, but unwisely at my son's urging we took the express way straight up and out. Was very steep but do able.

keith r.
1 month ago

Awesome! But the back up hill climb is tough.

Bo Phillips
2 months ago

3 Completed0 Reviews

Just like everyone said. Tough hike on the way out but the trail is in good shape and allows it obtainable for novices that are in god shape.

Whitney Reed
3 months ago

3 Completed3 Reviews

Hemmed in Hell. Haha. Easy hike in. Very strenuous hike out. Will make you reevaluate your fitness level.

Austin Vanderveer
4 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Like everybody says, hard but fun. Down is pretty easy but take your time and rest and eat something before you make your way back up, it's pretty tough.