Hemmed in Hollow

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Hemmed in Hollow is a 5 mile out and back trail located near Compton, Arkansas that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for camping & hiking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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7 Completed6 Reviews

We hiked the trail up from the river on a float trip. The view of the falls is amazing. They had an orange sack tied up to a tree which was used to mark it. Must do if you float the upper buffalo.

Mollie Hope (132)

1 Completed2 Reviews

Mollie Hope (132)

1 Completed2 Reviews

It was absolutely beautiful! We went on a rainy day so the falls were really flowing. We brought our pup and he loved it as well. The hike down we pretty easy, coming back up was difficult but definitely doable.

Robert Teitel (169)

13 Completed4 Reviews

A must hike for avid photographers, I did this hike a few years ago after a week of rain. The falls were running great. This hike will humble even some experienced hikers. Would recommend you try a few other moderate hikes first. Coming out is a bear. But the hike is well worth it.

Mike Benson (85)

8 Completed2 Reviews

Very neat trail. Went down about 2 hours after a good rain. Very slick but not bad if one is careful. No one was kidding when they said it was straight back up for 2.5 miles. I guess we must have slipped over to another trail because my GPS was showing 6.5 miles when we got back to the start at Compton Trailhead. Would like to go in the winter when the leaves are off for better views. There was plenty of water at the falls after the rain. Beautiful falls.

Gina Saulsbury (379)

16 Completed6 Reviews

Favorite hike, by far. Amazing views. Difficult hike back out.

Matt Carter (1596)

11 Completed12 Reviews

Just finished this hike today and I must say that it is well worth all the effort. Like stated in other reviews, this is a strenuous hike. Going down is not too bad except for a few steep spots. Going up, now that's another story. The hike up is about 2.5 miles, with 2 of those miles putting you to the test. I brought a water and a protein bar but I recommend bringing more to drink. I could of used it. The falls at the bottom is a great site, along with many other views on the way down. Highly recommend this trail if you are up for it!

Jim Bellings (430)

8 Completed7 Reviews

Stop reading and hike this trail! Just to give you an idea on time it takes to hike out.....we did it (2.5 miles) in 1 hour and 15 minutes stopping 3 times to drink water. It had rained heavily in the area and the waterfall wasn't as full of water as I expected but still spectacular.

Julie Lindstrom (231)

4 Completed4 Reviews

The waterfall is spectacular. And the view of the river was very pretty. Word of caution. It's very steep downhill. And excruciating coming up. A true test of endurance.

Jake T. (121)

The hike was challenging but the final destination (and several spots along the way) made it well worth it. The falls can be reached multiple ways (by canoe on the Buffalo followed by a 1 mile hike, by way of Centerpoint trail, or by way of the Compton Trailhead which is the route me and my friends chose to take. The route we took was almost completely downhill heading toward the falls as it lies at the bottom of the valley. The falls can be spotted about 2 miles in but to reach the base, you must keep going. Don't worry the scenery is beautiful along the way. We stopped several times at the bottom of the canyon to take pictures of great waterfalls that laid alongside the trail. The falls itself was very neat. The volume of water is not large but the 250 drop overshadows that. There is even a ledge about a third of the way up the waterfall that one can hike up to and stand behind -- it makes for a great picture spot! The climb back to the trailhead is steep, but if you take several breaks along the way it is not bad at all. We actually made it out quicker than we came down.