Lost Valley Trail

#1 of 2 trails in Lost Valley State Park
Lost Valley Trail is a 2.3 mile out and back trail that features a 53 ft. tall waterfall, a natural bridge, caves, a 30ft. waterfall inside the cave, large boulders and more. The area is jammed pack of scenic wonders on a easy trail.

2.3 miles Out & Back
Kid Friendly Dog Friendly
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Note this area is heavily visited on the weekends. Best visited during the week if you want a little solitude. Trail ranges from crushed rock to natural services. The most scenic area of the trail is more demanding but worth it.

Rachel Coffman

2 Completed2 Reviews

Gunner Hodge

2 Completed4 Reviews

Diane Bilyeu

1 Completed1 Reviews

Hallie Dennis

10 Completed5 Reviews

Selena Barclay

3 Completed4 Reviews

Beautiful trail. Even without the waterfalls it is still gorgeous. I did have to stop and catch my breath near the end of the trail closer to the cave. A lot of steps. I am only 5' and did have some difficulty getting into and out of the mouth of the cave. Still beautiful and I am going to go here again in the spring.

Austin Hurst

11 Completed12 Reviews

Quick, beautiful and worth it. Went in the winter when ice formations lined the falls. Don't forget to crawl through the cave at the end to experience the falls inside!

Eric W

9 Completed8 Reviews

Very easy trail and Handicap accessible. Beautiful scenery. Nice parking area.

Tasha G.

Awesome trail!

Jeff Towell

14 Completed15 Reviews

One of the best trails in Arkansas and very popular. A great hike for the family with a cave at the end and plenty of waterfalls in between with a waterfall inside a cave at the very end of the cave. To get to it you have to craw in super tight spaces.

Matt Richards

3 Completed3 Reviews