Lost Valley Trail

Ponca, AR
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Lost Valley Trail is a 2.3 mile out and back trail that features a 53 ft. tall waterfall, a natural bridge, caves, a 30ft. waterfall inside the cave, large boulders and more. The area is jammed pack of scenic wonders on a easy trail.

Note this area is heavily visited on the weekends. Best visited during the week if you want a little solitude. Trail ranges from crushed rock to natural services. The most scenic area of the trail is more demanding but worth it.

Directions from Jasper: Travel west on State Hwy. #74 for 15 miles and turn left on Hwy. #43. Travel for one mile, south, and follow signs to the trailhead.

shelter, restrooms, picnic tables, parking lot for cars/trucks with small trailers

National forest campground, Steel Creek, is located about 4 miles east on 74 hwy heading out of Ponca.

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, One Capitol Mall , Little Rock, AR, 72201, Phone: 501-682-7777



4 Completed 3 Reviews

Beautiful trail. This is a good one for people with kids or that are limited on time, but want to see a lot of variety in one hike. Gorgeous waterfall, and one large cavern plus two caves. We have gone swimming in the pool below the waterfall, but the water is very cold. On both caves be very careful if you have kids with you, and on the bottom cave entrance be aware that the rocks are SLIPPERY, kids will need careful supervision and assistance. You may not want to take small ones to the top cave.



7 Completed 1 Reviews

A great trail to go on with friends who love an adventure! Be ready to get wet if you go in the caves and don't forget flashlights! The larger cave structure is a good place to rest, eat, and relax :)
Also, it's more fun to climb around the boulders in the creek to the caves rather than follow the actual trail~



1 Completed 1 Reviews

I decided to go for a little adventure for my birthday this year and ended up impulsively choosing this trail because I read "waterfalls" and "caves" in the description. I really should have read some more!! We didn't realize that the cave went back so far so we turned around halfway through. (Really weren't dressed properly either.) We'll have to make another trip here to go to the end of the cave!! The trail itself is super easy all the way up until the end. It's even easy towards the end if you're okay with stairs. We mostly wandered through the creek bed, hopping from rock to rock and crawling around in Cob Cave. We went in the late afternoon and saw several other people along the way. Very fun trail!



52 Completed 52 Reviews

Neat trail. Lots to see. Hike above the cave and enjoy more of the creek.



390 Completed 390 Reviews

This short hike has perhaps more variety in perhaps any other mile in Arkansas. Always a favorite. I always take first time visitors to arkansas to Lost Valley. My only disappointment it has become increasingly crowded over the years as people have discovered it. Go early in the day or during the week to escape the crowds.



22 Completed 22 Reviews

Easy trail in the beginning and becoming more difficult as you near Eden Falls Cave.
Very pleasant and a lot of variety. Hiked this trail twice in 2008 and again in 2012.



13 Completed 12 Reviews

This is a beautiful trail. There is a big vine to swing on by the creek, but be careful! Awesome cave at the end.



43 Completed 8 Reviews

One of my favorites, first part of the trail is great for anyone!!! If you go to the cave get ready to get low and bring a flashlight!! There use to be a walk in, but has been blocked by a rock, so now it's a crab walk under but the fall inside is pretty neat!!



6 Completed 6 Reviews

This is one of my favorite all time hikes! Woods, streams, waterfalls, really cool trees, etc! the best time to go is early spring, when theres the most water flowing. Make sure you bring a head lamp flash light for everyone in your group, because you don't want to miss the cave at the end! You feel like a real spelunker, and you do have to crawl in a low ceiling area, but it is SO worth it, the cave opens up into a good sized cavern with a waterfall in it!! This is a great place to take adventurous kids (if all ages)!!



6 Completed 2 Reviews

We visited last weekend (2013-NOV-02) with the dogs, however we were not able to hike it because there was a park ranger present that informed us that dogs are no longer allowed on this trail. The dogs welcome sign was still present, but they had put a piece of red tape across it with a slash. The park ranger informed us too many people were not cleaning up after their dogs and were letting them off the leash.

A couple that we met in the parking lot informed us that a lot of the trails in Arkansas that do not allow horses have banned dogs as well because of ths. I have not confirmed that, but it is probably best to check with the park headquarters first.

The park ranger recommended that we take the dogs to Steel Creek instead, which was a 5-10 minute drive from here. That trail and campground has reviews on this site.