Lost Valley Trail

#1 of 2 trails in Lost Valley State Park

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Lost Valley Trail is a 2.3 mile out and back trail that features a 53 ft. tall waterfall, a natural bridge, caves, a 30ft. waterfall inside the cave, large boulders and more. The area is jammed pack of scenic wonders on a easy trail.

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Abigail Taylor (37)

1 Completed1 Reviews

great spot the drive was worth going out there but it will be closed for the next 4 or so weeks

Kathy Hefley (77)

3 Completed2 Reviews

Beautiful hike and easy for anyone but due to the heavy rains it is currntly closed. Please check with Buffalo Outdoor Center for other trails.

Selena Barclay (72)

2 Completed2 Reviews

I was excited to hike this. But it is closed due to the recent flooding. May need to call before you make the drive

Tracy Cutbirth (113)

6 Completed2 Reviews

Beautiful hike and easy for the kids.

Daly Foncree (697)

16 Completed4 Reviews

Cave was awesome! Pretty main stream but a must see!

Ryan K. (125)

A great trail that's suitable for nearly everyone with nice views and natural features. Getting to the trail itself is very easy, with ample parking. The trail is well maintained, and the first half is very flat so even the elderly, out-of-shape, or children can enjoy it easily. The second half, including getting to the waterfall and cave area is a little more difficult and strenuous, but not too difficult at all. No camping is allowed, but there are picnic areas as well as restrooms.

Summer Kingsley (99)

23 Completed1 Reviews

Teah Hunter (430)

27 Completed3 Reviews

Robert Teitel (210)

13 Completed4 Reviews

Very easy and scenic trail. There is a cave up the cliff at the end where Eden falls comes out. You can go in the cave, NOT recommended if you are inexperienced in cave exploration. you have to crawl for quite a ways before entering a great room. There is a thirty foot falls inside the cave. Do not attempt without a hardhat and two light sources. That said, the trail is very scenic and there are different ways to reach the end. Bluff cave, moss falls and Eden falls, jigsaw blocks....very entertaining hike. Try to go every year.

Kim Galttana (560)

10 Completed10 Reviews

Love this trail - have to do it at least once a year, as it's a favorite! Eden Falls water level is down right now from what I'm used to, and that was disappointing. But, it's lush, and it's green and it's beautiful as ever. Easy enough that the kids can do it - long enough that they are tired when they are done. We still haven't gone to the waterfall inside the cave, just around the mouth. I'm a little claustrophobic - so, caving doesn't much appeal to me.