Owens Mountain Bluffs trail

#26 of 64 trails in Ozark National Forest
Owens Mountain Bluff Trail is a out and back scenic bluff with fabulous rock formations, indian rock art, and renowned for its rock climbing.

1.5 miles Out & Back 431 feet
Dog Friendly
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Jasper, Ark., hwy 7, travel 17 miles south to the town of Cowell, barely a building, turn east on county rd. #55 for 5.4 miles, park at the wide spot in the road.

Bob Wharton

295 Completed297 Reviews

I climb here too.

Daniel Frew

59 Completed52 Reviews

The trail is located on the east side of Owens Mountain Road half way between the cattle guard and the parking area in the curve. It is not marked. The trail will drop off of the bluff then travel north. When the trail reaches the overhanging bluff line start looking for red and black colored art on the bluff face. Some of it is hard to see due to fading. While you are in the area visit the rock formations on Rickett's Mountain (0.5 miles north) and the large rock shelter located just off Hudson Mountain Road (2 miles south).

Daniel Estes

45 Completed16 Reviews

Beats the heck outa me where this trail is! I looked high and low and only found Rickett's Mountain. There a cool outcrop of rocks at the top with some GREAT campsites, but no trail that I could find. Further up, you'll find Rickett's Cemetery with some REALLY cool old tomb stones, but no trail. There certainly are spectacular bluffs everywhere, the trails to them however eluded at least this hiker :(

Doug Neidholdt

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Owens Mountain is a premier rock climbing area. For the rest of us it is a very scenic area with towering bluffs and majestic views. If you look hard you can find indian rock art. Well worth the trip. Next door just a 1/2 mile away is Ricketts Mountain, also with fabulous rock formations. Make a day of it and see both