Bassi Falls

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Bassi Falls is a 1.2 mile out and back trail located near Pollock Pines, CA that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is accessible from February until June. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

1.3 miles 219 feet Out & Back
dog friendly kid friendly hiking walking waterfall
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easy, short hike to incredible waterfall It is an easy 10 minute walk from the parking area to the falls. But the trail is not all that clear. At first the trail is easy to follow, but soon reaches an open area, where you have to make your way over granite rock, and the trail becomes indistinct. But it is not hard to find the falls because you can clearly hear it, and eventually you will see it from a distance away. When we were here on a Sunday afternoon in early May, there were surprisingly quite a few cars parked at the trailhead. When you reach the base of Bassi Falls, you will be treated to an awesome view of the entire 120 ft. cascade. Later in the summer, there is really not much to see, as Bassi Creek becomes a mere fragment of its former self. For more info, see my <a href="">website</a>. Note: this hike is only in the newest edition of "California Waterfalls" (A. Brown) below.

thomas burkhalter
12 days ago

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The road is still closed, so we hiked it. This is a great, perfect time of year for this hike. The falls where awesome!

Karen Row
14 days ago

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There's a long trail from Bassi Creek campgrounds that goes up the river to the falls about 2 or 3 miles each way. the river is beautiful and full. Falls were gorgeous.

Jody F.
1 month ago

Brooke Baumann-Caddenhead
6 months ago

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awesome for whole family of all ages..I have five kids age 15,9,7,5,2 and all enjoyed very much. best time to see the water would be spring.. any other time not much water to see.

Brooke Baumann-Caddenhead
6 months ago

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awesome for the whole family of all ages.. I have 5 kids ages 15,9,7,5,2 and they all enjoyed

Kara-Lin Roanhorse
6 months ago

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This place was so great. The trail is a bit confusing but once you keep searching around you find it. Got to the falls and it was a little low this year but still beautiful to see. The air was fresh and this place is just perfect. Easy hike, I really recommend for family or people with pets. I will be looking at camping in this area in the future just beautiful!!


Koua Her
7 months ago

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Good and short hike. Little water

Robyn D.
8 months ago

Easy, pretty short-totally dog friendly, but not much water right now. 8/2/2015

Betsy Robertus
9 months ago

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Rae Cline
9 months ago

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Maryeth Ann Loriaux
1 year ago

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Jay Norton
1 year ago

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If you are in the area early spring or summer this is a good place to explore.The road to the trail head is rugged, recommend at least awd and/or vehicles with high clearance-Dont go down this road if your towing anything.Parking is limited.If you can get there this is a short hike, easy for adults and if you have kids they should be able to complete it without to much trouble, the return hike up is fairly steep.There is a waterfall at the end of the trail and the crystalline clear water that flows into a series of small pools are great to wade in.Leave the fishing pole at home or in the car, I did not see even a brookie here.Some moron- (s) ? left a substantial amount of trash here the day we visted,beer cans-bottles ect. a good way to get yourself a broken nose or worse if I see you leaving this kinda crap laying around- so pack it in pack it out you scumbags! In the spring snow melt trickles over the exposed granite and the small wildflowers are a pleasure to behold, the creek is fairly safe to swim in though a bit cold.This is a great hike if your passing through or live fairly close to the Eldorado National Forest region.

Carol Cotton
2 years ago

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A beautiful short hike to a gorgeous waterfall. I went three times in one week! I'll definitely go back again and again! I'm including a link to the third of these hikes. The other two are also blogged here, as well.

Rob H
2 years ago

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Chris Slack
2 years ago

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We had two 4x4 trucks. Wouldn't try the drive in a car. Did the hike on May 26th. Lots of water. We had four kids aged 2-5. Great for kids!

Jack Peterson
3 years ago

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A really easy hike to the falls. Parking is tricky is a lot of people are there. Also finding the right FS road can get you going in circles!

Bonnie Y.
3 years ago

My husband and I went today. Beautiful area. As others have said the trail over Granite slab is not marked but if you listen you can hear the falls... just follow the sound. Water flow was low due to the time of year but still beautiful. Many shallow areas to swim /splash in. Just kick off your shoes and cool your feet in the water while you enjoy the beautiful scenery. I highly recommend!

Victoria Ritter
3 years ago

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This is a sweet waterfall with lots of room to sit and admire the scene! Very short easy walk but be careful, the rocks with just a little bit of water flowing over them can be slick!

Millie Coulombe
3 years ago

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I was ready to get going and talked a group a friends and family into this short jaunt. Like others have said the way to the trail isn't marked, but that probably what helps keep it looking nice. We got turned around and found a park ranger at the lake who gave me some of the best directions, go over two concrete bridges, once you go over the second take the first right and follow the road to the end. Those are the directions that got us there!

The trip down wasn't bad at all. We were one of the first groups of people, and my cousins 8 and 2 year olds did it quite easily. My brother was a monkey and jumped rocks. Both my brother and grandma decided to climb to the top, which I'm told required some rock climbing. A friend from work played in the water looking for gold and took pictures. I took loads of pictures and just enjoyed the sound and feel of the cool running water.

After a couple of hours, and a large hiking group later, it was time to pack up and head back to the cars, my cousin's son said " When are we going to come back?!?!" It was a good trip. One thing to note, try to stay on the original granite "trail". We went off trail which resulted in a pretty hard fall on the slick wet rocks - I was bruised on my shins for a week!

Dwn2Earth W.
4 years ago

Great Falls!! Went on a Saturday, mid April, after a weeks rainy storm. The Falls were beautiful. Not many people there maybe 3-4 families. The Hike was easy. Great hike if you have children. Lots of places to sit, eat lunch, enjoy the waterfalls, the stream, and rapids. Several places to put your feet in the water and enjoy the breath taking view.