Bear Canyon Loop Trail to Sitton Peak

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Bear Canyon Loop Trail to Sitton Peak is a 6.4 mile loop trail located near Lake Elsinore, CA that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and horses and is accessible from September until May. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

6.4 miles 1095 feet Loop
dogs on leash hiking walking horses forest river views wildlife
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Directions from Lake Elsinore, CA: Travel southwest on Highway 74 venturing into the mountains, then passing the Visitor Center / Fire Station in El Cariso. Proceed another 3.6 miles on Hwy. 74 to reach the trailhead. Parking is available at the San Juan Loop. (Trailhead is half a mile north of Upper San Juan Campground.)

Paul Mac Isaac

50 Completed60 Reviews

Beautifully maintained trail all the way to four corners. Pigeon Springs which is near the end about a mile before four corners is a nice place to stop and eight. Once onto the Old Verdugo truck trail the hike flattens out and travels through thick woods of scrub oaks. Very nice hike.

Sina Tuliaupupu

18 Completed6 Reviews

Good hike! Great views at the top!

Sara Sandelovic

4 Completed2 Reviews

Just did the loop. Pretty mellow hike. Only real incline was in the beginning getting to the loop. Would have gone further to the peak if I wasn't battling blisters from a previous hike. Definitely one that I will do again. Many trails lead off of this one.

Azita Lock

67 Completed10 Reviews

Chris Chakos

17 Completed18 Reviews

Great hiking trail here in Ortega mountain. Has great tree coverage and beautiful views of the surrounding valleys. Great for hunting and trail running.

Michael Nelson

1 Completed1 Reviews

Ken Knecht

55 Completed20 Reviews

Trail was a decent trail. Went end of March 2015 and the flowers were all out. Problem is there was a loud humming and buzzing of bees for most of the walk into 4 Corners. It got so bad at some points that I almost turned around and went back. Because of the bugs and bees I only went to 4 Corners and then back to trailhead. Didn't go to Sitton Peak. I can do that another time. Since I didn't go up to Sitton Peak when I got back to trailhead I just crossed the street and did the 2.6 mile San Juan Loop Trail which was actually pretty nice. Both hikes totaled 9.7 miles. Just a note, the Candy Store does not sell day passes anymore. They told me that the wardens will come around and put an envelope on your car and when you get home you put $5.00 in it and mail it in. When I got back to car, after 3 hours, there was no envelope. There is a good amount of shade on both trails but the tops are sunny and it was getting hot. Not a bad hike.

Tarah Zentz

40 Completed30 Reviews

Got so bored with this trail that we decided to go straight up the side of the mountain (off to the left) to get the views! Nice outing but probably wouldn't do it again

Jenny Buckeridge

8 Completed6 Reviews

Great hike. I am still a beginner with asthma, so the inclines in the beginning really got me but I was able to push through it. There is definitely a pretty good incline on the last leg before hitting four corners. I took the bear ridge trail to loop back to the bear canyon. It inclines at first, maybe the first 10 minutes if that, then it is all down hill pretty much. It took my friend and I roughly 2 hours to complete. Lots of lizards, condors, flowers.

Todd Ryan

69 Completed22 Reviews

Nice little hike. In the Angeles forest and it gets away from civilization fairly quick. The candy store is a nice payoff at the end.