Berry Falls Loop

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Berry Falls Loop is a 10.4 mile loop trail located near Davenport, CA and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

10.4 miles Loop
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Prajna S.
2 months ago

Jerry Callaghan
4 months ago

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I knew it was late in the season and that it would be cold but I wore enough layers to stay warm at night. It got down to 30 degrees but with a warm sleeping bag (REI Ignio 19 degree) it worked out great. Instead of going counter clock-wise as had been suggested by numerous sources, I started on the Skyline to the Sea Trail and went clock-wise stopping first at Berry Creek Falls then Silver Falls and then Golden Falls. Sunset Camp was a unique camp site in that it was divided into two seperate camps. One section was down below the upper section. I stayed at the upper section because it was somewhat dryer. It had been raining the week before so the trail was wet but was only muddy in a few places. The site that I camped was Number 1 and was higher and dryer than the rest. Nice site. There was not a clear trail to Berry Creek from Sunset Camp (the only place to get water) so I had to depend upon my map and compass to find the creek which was about a tenth of a mile away. After filtering and gathering water I went back to camp, made dinner, cleaned up and retired for the night. The next morning I got up broke camp and headed back to the Park Headquarters by way of Sunset Trail. All-in-all it was a wonderful overnighter. The trails were not that strenous, a lot of assents and desents, but hikable for a 62 year old in fairly good shape. Be advised...make sure that you bring maps because your GPS is worthless! Your GPS will not be able to get satalite reception because of the THICK tree cover which you will experience 99% of the time.

Zion Young
9 months ago

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Great hike, the falls were worth the hike. coming back the sunset trail was a challenge.

Linda Smith
3 years ago

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This 10.8 hike became 21 miles after we got lost finding the loop after the falls. The falls are beautiful. Trail wasn't crowed even on a week-end.If you are on the Sunset or Tim's creek trails you're going the wrong way. There is no cell phone signal from highway 1 to the top of the trail.

Amy Walters
5 years ago

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Back in my running days, this used to be one of my favorite out-and-back trails year round. Mostly a very gradual uphill with plenty of shade in the summer and lots of newts to see in the wet months. And, amazingly, not too many people ever on it with you!