Big Falls Trail

#4 of 136 trails in San Bernardino National Forest

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Big Falls Trail is a 3.3 mile trail located near Forest Falls, California that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from March until September.

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Amanda Herrick-Showalter (206)

1 Completed2 Reviews

So much fun !! We loved this hike ! Our dogs loved it too . Playing in the pools near the water falls was their favorite

Amanda Herrick-Showalter (206)

1 Completed2 Reviews

So much fun !! Our dogs loves it too ..

Dee Arvizo (46)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I like to go on weekdays. A lot less people than weekends and you have the falls all to yourself. My dogs love this hike. It's great on a hot summer day to cool off.

Amanda Klopping (241)

12 Completed3 Reviews

Kara S (216)

6 Completed5 Reviews

Beautiful in winter! Lots of rocks and ice to contend with. My dog ate it and fell down a segment of the waterfall which was sad, but he was ok.

Really wonderful area. Parking lot was littered with trash.

How someone could dump their garbage in a place like this is beyond me.

Tala Smith (161)

3 Completed3 Reviews

I've been to this waterfall twice and it is enjoyable. It's a peaceful spot, especially if you get there early. There are plenty of places along the creek to sit and enjoy listening to the water. It is an easy hike, even suitable for children. Do however wear sturdy shoes - preferably proper hiking boots – so that you don't turn an ankle. You will be crossing a dry riverbed (dry as long as it isn't raining or flash flooding anyway lol), which is a rocky environment.

They prefer that you don't go past the observation point, but people do. There is nothing blocking you from doing it. I really recommend caution for a few reasons. The first is stupid people breaking glass bottles. If you are conscientious like I am, bring a trash bag and some heavy gloves and help with cleanup. Also be aware that the higher up you go, the more loose rock there is. There have been slides with resulting injuries and deaths. Do not push the limits of your capabilities and be aware not only of the environment but other hikers around you. Don't put yourself or anyone else at an unnecessary risk.

Lyle Treend (121)

4 Completed4 Reviews

Took my 8 & 10 year old last weekend for a late afternoon hike. They loved the bouldering and shaded hiking and views of the several falls and pools along the way. It was typically crowded by the local hordes of families. Had to squeeze by as one family of 22 that created a major bottle neck, but most didnt hike up that far where sandals limited the climb. The goal was to reach the top and rest our feet in the very cold pools of water and relax to the sound of crashing water... mission accomplished!

Karina Castillo (267)

14 Completed4 Reviews

Amazing falls, short hike but worth the drive..
Took my oldest daughter with me ( not a hiker) and she ended up taken a bad fall, sprained her ankle, bruises and scrapes, but luckily no broken bones.
I've been hiking for some time now, and my daughter's fall sure was an eye opener on how it doesn't matter how easy the hike may seem. Please beware, analyze your step, specially around loose rocks and water, which is what this hike is pretty much all about.
Highly recommended but please pick up your trash and be careful with slippery rocks!
Happy trails

heather ciccone (128)

7 Completed7 Reviews

This trail is beautiful. if you reach the waterfall at the top, it is pretty breathtaking. However, the rocks at the top are extremely slippery! Be careful. To get to the falls you have to leave the designated path and climb over large rocks and tree branches. It's worth the view, but can be dangerous, so be careful!

V Mahoney (73)

8 Completed3 Reviews

Trail to the base of the falls is relatively easy, although the footing is uneven in spots. There are forest service warnings against climbing the unstable cliffs to the top. Saw one injured guy coming down and chose to stop midway up the creek below the falls. Still was a nice little escape. Pick up an adventure pass at the general store on your way through town. With the low rainfall and snowfall this year, the falls are not very full and will likely be much lower this summer.