Big Falls Trail

#3 of 135 trails in San Bernardino National Forest
Big Falls Trail is a 0.9 mile trail located near Forest Falls, CA that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from March until September.

0.9 miles 744 feet
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Directions from Bear Valley/Woodlands, CA: Travel west on Highway 38 to Valley-of-the-Falls Boulevard. Proceed about 3 miles and park in the parking area adjacent to the Falls Picnic Area.

Elisa Rojas

3 Completed1 Reviews

Rocky in certain areas, watch your footing. Family friendly. Have to cross the creek, you might get your feet wet. Short hike to the falls. Overall rated G for the easiness of the hike.

Rodney Altamirano

18 Completed2 Reviews

We went in the winter. It was dog friendly, amazing scenery. The hike is some what disappointing, very easy hike. It more like a walk to a waterfall. Ice and snow made the place even more majestical

Michael Weals

17 Completed17 Reviews

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Mark Fox

19 Completed7 Reviews

This is one of the best waterfalls I have seen in Southern California. It almost doesn't qualify as a hike to me because it's so short and easy. The official trail ends at a viewing area for the waterfall, but the real fun is to continue on up each level of the stream creating the waterfalls. The main waterfall in the back is beautiful and there is often enough of a pool to partially immerse in (if you enjoy cold water). The only downfall, because it's so easy, is that it can get annoyingly crowded on weekends.

Amanda Herrick-Showalter

1 Completed2 Reviews

So much fun !! We loved this hike ! Our dogs loved it too . Playing in the pools near the water falls was their favorite

Amanda Herrick-Showalter

1 Completed2 Reviews

So much fun !! Our dogs loves it too ..

Dee Arvizo

1 Completed1 Reviews

I like to go on weekdays. A lot less people than weekends and you have the falls all to yourself. My dogs love this hike. It's great on a hot summer day to cool off.

Amanda Klopping

12 Completed3 Reviews