Black Star Canyon Trail

#1 of 6 trails in Limestone Canyon Regional Park
Black Star Canyon Trail is a 15.6 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Silverado, CA that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

15.6 miles 2155 feet Out & Back
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Black Star Canyon is a 6 mile out and back trail located near Silverado, California that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, mountain biking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but should be kept on leash.

Gwen Runyararo
8 days ago

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Pretty awesome hike with great greenery once you get into the national forest. Loved having to climb over the rocks. A little challenging for no. Hikers but fun nonetheless. Make sure you hike with a buddy.

Brenda Bourges
9 days ago

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Fantastic hike in Orange County! Lots of walking and then trampling over rocks and boulders while following a stream to a waterfall!!! It was awesome! Great workout if you move your ass. It's a good 1.5 miles (or more even) walking to the trail head. You can bike this part if you want to cut down on time.

DO NOT EXPECT A WATERFALL - it sometimes flows like a proper waterfall should and at times just a little tinkle to completely dry...but beautiful regardless.

WEAR GOOD HIKING SHOES - not flip flops like I have seen unless you are dying to break your ankle.

If you can't find the trail head, chances are you have not gone far enough on the path. When in doubt, dive into the river/stream down below on your right and follow it up stream...eventually you will hit a rock facing you can't climb over and that is where the waterfall might be falling...or not.

Renee Burr
18 days ago

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Maddi Thompson
1 month ago

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Great time today, definitely going to feel it tomorrow! Beautiful views and 1 ONE clear trail. We wanted to hike to where the waterfall was at. But we never saw the trail that led to that. There are very little signs to tell you where to go.
But the scenery was great and it was a good workout!

Amanda Moreno
1 month ago

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great hike

Carlos CHraicing
1 month ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

Good place.

Ramiro Acuna
1 month ago

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This was a fun trail even though it started off a little boring. It was a little challenging at times but that was the fun part. Definitely looking forward to returning when there is more water at the falls.

Jennifer Orellana
1 month ago

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Giul U.
2 months ago

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It's a 6 miles round trip, easy at the beginning and harder going up as the boulders get bigger. I missed the turn to the falls the first time so be alert. Not recommended for small children or small dogs as you will need to carry them. The trail is shaded. The first part of the trail is paved and not shaded (@ 1.5 miles). Hope you get to see some water. Have fun :)

Joe Clark
2 months ago

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Navid Zadeh,

Are you serious or is this a joke? Your identifier says that you are a professional, however your review says that you are an idiot. You should have been charged whatever it cost for them to rescue you off the trail. Do us all a favor, next time you go hiking, don't tell anyone you are going. If you lack the common sense to get out safely, no one needs to risk their lives or spend tax payer money to go in and get you. Buy yourself a bus pass and stick to hiking the sidewalks to and from the bus stops.

In all seriousness, this trail is quite easy, and marked. To those of you wishing to venture off the path, consider not doing it. It damages the flora and destroys habitat of the animals and critters that were there before us. If you do decide to take a path less traveled, please be mindful of the bushes, plants and homes of the animals that reside there. Please pack out your garbage and any other garbage that you come across.

Its people like Navid that we have so many rules and so much enforcement. If everything helped take care of each other and the nature that we all enjoy we wouldn't have so many stupid rules, policies, fee's etc. Things would be cleaner as well. It is asinine to have to send a helicopter to get a city slicker off a clearly marked trail.

BEFORE YOU START A HIKE LIKE THIS consider the follow: good shoes that will keep your feet dry and warm for at least 2-3 days. Water for 1+ days, snacks, space blanket, tools to start a fire (only start this for survival and be sure you do it correctly and with common sense so you don't burn down the forest,) flashlight with extra set of batteries. Be sure to carry a jacket. Temps drop quickly when the sun goes down. Have a map and/or GPS with extra batteries. Know how to use both correctly. Had this dumbass had a simple map, or had he paid any attention what so ever to his surroundings, he would have known exactly which way to walk to hit the road and walk out to safety.

Overall, please be smart and use common sense- be respectful of the people around you. Be resepectful of the other tax payers that may have to spend their money to rescue your dumb ass because you "got lost."

Navid Zadeh
3 months ago

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I started this trail at 11am and specifically came because I wanted to see the waterfall. I reached the peak at the top at 3pm and saw a right turn at the top and decided to take it. Apparently this right turn trail didn't have a sign saying you aren't supposed to go there and I wanted to see the waterfall so I went. I saw that there was already a path laid out somewhat because of water that had carved the way so I started breaking the old dried shrubs and things in my way carving a path to get there. It took me about untill 11pm to reach the waterfall to find out it is dried. Be careful as you travel here because things are very old and dried out and your footing is unstable. I only had a bottle of water with me and some nuts, although I did have a flashlight. I ended up getting to that dried waterfall and then tried turning around to follow my path back and got lost. That was when a helicopter came to my rescue because my brother had called the police since I didn't show up, Thankfully they rescued me and I was okay, but I advise that people don't take any extra trails or paths that are not marked and clearly safe. People could get into serious danger and trouble. I would had to spend the night if I didn't get rescued. Make sure you always very prepared with food, water and tools when going hiking and make sure people know where you are. I wanted to share my experience so that people dont make this mistake and don't get in trouble. Thanks to the people who rescued me other else I would have had to stay the night and it could have been dangerous. If your not a professional or advanced hiker, be wary of trails like this because it is very advanced.

Marcin Sieniek
3 months ago

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Views aren't spectacular, but it's a nice exercise to climb the rocks in the upper part of the trail

Luis Mendoza
3 months ago

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It was a fun hike. Went to the waterfall that was a trickle. Lots of poison oak on trail to the trickle. Went to the top of mariposa reserve and hiked around and found a lot of rocks that were used by the native Indians to grind there foods. It's was very peaceful up there.

Christopher Reifsteck
3 months ago

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Ursus J.
3 months ago

I always enjoy the serenity I find when coming across from corona and down black star or the other way around. Either way it is pleasant. Careful doing this during the summer. Be sure to have proper sun protection and plenty of water and snacks. Enjoy!

Dustin Schmidt
4 months ago

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Janice Martin
4 months ago

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I love this place! Did the falls once and can't wait to do it again. Also hiked up to the Mariposa reservation sign. Excellent hike.

Lynn Smithrud
5 months ago

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While the hike was nice, apparently there have been a rash of vehicle breaking for the last several weeks! We got back from a 6 mile hike to find our truck window smashed along with five other cars. I really hope someone finds the culprits. We reported this to the sheriff and hwy patrol. They said it could be locals who don't want hikers. Well, I won't be back.

Zigann Fischer
5 months ago

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Black Star is a great trail, the boulders really were challenging. This isn't an easy, straight walking trail. My dad and I agree that the trail is one of the best in Orange County. The one down side is the lack of water at the falls, and the cave is nothing special.

Kathryn B.
5 months ago

Forgot to mention that if you are going to the waterfall don't miss the turn off- don't go up the hill