Bull Creek Flats Trail

#1 of 19 trails in Humboldt Redwoods State Park
Bull Creek Flats Trail is a 9 mile loop trail located near Myers Flat, CA that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from May until October.

9.0 miles 100 feet Loop
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At the western end the two are joined by an automobile bridge, but at their eastern end is only a seasonal footbridge that's normally installed between mid-May (but sometimes not until the end of July) and late September. At other times the creek may still be only a few inches deep and easily forded. When the footbridge is out and the creek becomes a raging torrent, the best alternative to the full loop hike is an out-and-back on the Bull Creek Flats Trail, which is the better of the two trails.

Bartosz Łyszkiewicz

24 Completed12 Reviews

When you drive and hike around you feel so small next to these giant trees.

Sena Nic

2 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful trail through the redwoods following the river. Yes signage was lacking but it was easy to navigate. One part did take you to the road then you could only hear it in the distance.

Dana Marie

4 Completed3 Reviews

Beautiful but as noted by another, signage is seriously lacking on this trail. We did get quite a few glimpses of wildlife but it was probably because we were approaching early bird dinner time when we were ending our trail.

Tyler Craft

19 Completed2 Reviews

As other people have mentioned, this is not a 13 mile trail. It's around 9 miles and should only take 4 hours (if not less) to hike it. It's easy terrain and absolutely beautiful. The weekend I went I saw only a handful of people on the trail.

Warut Chaipornvadee

37 Completed28 Reviews

I don't think that this trail is 13 miles. I think my friend and I did the loop and the ranger told us that it's only 9 miles.

The trail is flat and very beautiful. You will hiking through tall trees the entire time that leave almost no room for the sun to touch you. You'll pretty much be in awe the entire time because of how big and tall the trees are!

The loop is a bit hard to follow at about half way point due to the lack of sign. We basically had to get off trail and walk on the road at one point, but it was a fun experience nonetheless.

There were no one else on the trail. It seemed like people who camped at humbolt just wanted to lounge around. The trail will take you to the rockefeller forest loop, which has the oldest and biggest trees in the park.

Patrick O'Hara

26 Completed25 Reviews

Really nice and easy trail in the Avenue of the Giants, of Humbolt Redwoods State Park.