Bump and Grind Trail

#15 of 135 trails in San Bernardino National Forest
Bump and Grind Trail is a 3 mile loop trail located near Palm Desert, CA that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and trail running and is accessible from October until May.

3.0 miles 790 feet Loop
hiking trail running walking views wildlife
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Desert hike right off the main drag in Palm Desert.

Manon Keeley

2 Completed0 Reviews

It's can be a strenuous climb if u take the left to go up, the right side is less strenuous. Nice desert views. Less crowded on weekdays. Packed on weekends.
Very good workout. It's a loop. Good hour trail.
Have good trail shoes cos it's sandy and rocky coming down. No cover, no water fountains and no rest rooms. Bring water trail is in the sun.

Roland Cody

1 Completed0 Reviews

Good hike.

Mike Codner

2 Completed0 Reviews

The grind part of this trail is not moderate, it's strenuous, but it's over in about 10 minutes. The bump and grind is an excellent conditioning hike, and probably the most popular in the Coachella Valley.

Brant V.

Brant V.

Dominic Ciceeo

1 Completed1 Reviews

Harder then easy. But such a great hike. Especially if you take left trail at the start. 0

D. S.

5 Completed4 Reviews

Love, love the Bump and Grind. I'm new to it (have only hiked it 3 times at this writing) but it's my new favorite. People complain about it being crowded. While that's true, as a female hiker who hikes alone, I'm comforted by the many people on this trail. It's such a good workout, people of all ages hike it, it's a perfect trail to jog down which I enjoy doing, and some even jog up it which is impressive. You have the option of going left at the trailhead for a more strenuous ascent or go right and get a very respectable but less steep ascent. This trail is a loop. Once you hike up to the gate, I highly recommend going past the gate and continuing your hike to the summit. It's just an additional 15 minutes more to get to the summit. In doing so, it extends your workout a bit and the view at the top is very pretty. Bring adequate water. There is no seating or water on this trail, nor are there toilets. Park behind Target.

Dallas Thompson

5 Completed5 Reviews

Fun and quick loop with nice views

Zulay F.

The experience is challenging at first but worth it to try, great workout!!

Stuart Z

28 Completed18 Reviews

Great panorama views of the private golf course and Palm Springs but pretty much just rough rocks and sand all the way up. Trail isn't clearly marked.