Cahuenga Peak Loop

#15 of 193 trails in Angeles National Forest
Cahuenga Peak Loop is a 3.6 mile loop trail located near Los Angeles, CA. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and trail running.

3.7 miles 1151 feet Loop
hiking trail running
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Anne Schlotman

11 Completed9 Reviews

This was a moderate hike. I missed the trail going up at one point so I had to back track to find it. Give yourself extra time to do this one.

Alice Kromer

1 Completed1 Reviews

Kendra Faulk

1 Completed1 Reviews


HikingGirl J

53 Completed16 Reviews

Detail review can be found at this link -

Lisa Cheby

1 Completed1 Reviews

This is NOT an easy hike. Normally we hike 3 miles in an hour and this loop took us 2.5 hours. It is very steep and rocky. Some slopes are almost all flat rock or lots of loose rocks. Others are very close to the edge. It was great and beautiful, but unlike the rating of easy according to this app. Have good shoes, water, and time :)

Diego Rodriguez

5 Completed1 Reviews

great hike with awesome view

Aileen Ramos

5 Completed1 Reviews

I really enjoyed this trail. Made our first stop at wisdom tree. The elevation was fast and steep and kick my butt. At right before the first mile you get to wisdom tree. Then it was a leveled hike towards cahuenga peak.

Anna Carrillo

1 Completed2 Reviews

Anna Carrillo

1 Completed2 Reviews

Dori Gillies

68 Completed60 Reviews

We did the loop clockwise. Be on the lookout for a T junction in the trail that takes you straight up the mountain. We missed it and found ourselves scrambling hands and feet on what looked like a trail...but it just peters out. Once you make the correct right turn you are climbing a full thousand feet. The ridgeline to the wisdom tree is awesome. Almost 360 degree views of LA, the ocean and the valley. Breathtaking! It's fun to build cairns near the wisdom tree. We did the extra bit to the Hollywood sign, I would say skip this part. It takes you behind the sign and you can only see HO. You can't get any closer. We spent a little over two hours on the trail, it was a great workout!