Cahuenga Peak Loop

#18 of 195 trails in Angeles National Forest

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A 3.1 mile loop with a stop at the Cahuenga Wisdom Tree.

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Jason Pereira (96)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Went on a hot, sunny Sunday afternoon and had the tree all to myself! First time up there, so wasn't sure what to expect. It's a short (about a mile) hike up to the tree, but pretty steep. Had to stop several times to catch my breath! The breezes along the mountainside helped - def take water. Very serene up there. Plenty of stories, notes, words of wisdom and prayers up there, in the stack of notebooks and tags tied to the tree. I just added my words and a prayer for my son to a few of the notebooks. Afterward I did take the trail east towards the Hollywood sign but decided to stop at the peak and take in the vast scenery of the city. It looked to be the highest point in LA, or at least anything south of it in LA County. For sure on my next visit I'll take that trail to the end of where ever it goes! I re-trekked back towards the tree then back down the mountain to my truck on Lake Hollywood Dr., parked about 4 cars from the top. That was about a 3 mile hike. Oh, and there's no signs for the trail, so just walk up Wonder View Dr. (which looks like a private road) past the residences and you'll see the gate / trail entry. Sorry, one more thing - don't leave your trash up there! Take it with you! Enjoy...

Drew Aiello (195)

5 Completed6 Reviews

Gracie M (47)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great Hike! Great Workout! Definitely broke a sweat. Started the trail off of Wonder View Drive. Bring lots of water. Up my the "Wisdom Tree" you'll find a prayer box where you can write a prayer or note and drop in the locked box. Very nice experience.

Ana Marquez (233)

9 Completed7 Reviews

Daniel Jia (226)

13 Completed13 Reviews

Katarina O'Dette (7370)

83 Completed87 Reviews

Great workout with a steep climb up and great views from the top. I've done this twice as a sunrise hike and can't recommend it enough!

Cecilia Martinez (809)

122 Completed13 Reviews

Challenging & amazing hike! We followed the entire loop trail (3 hrs with frequent water stops for the dogs) and loved the steep inclines and the incredible views. I recommend starting really early in morning (due the lack of shade), and bring lots of water and sunscreen.

Miranda Parham (256)

6 Completed3 Reviews

There is abundant parking on Lake Hollywood Drive, then a bit of a walk on Wonder View Drive to get up to the trailhead.

My strong advice is DO NOT attempt to follow the trail that is outlined on the map here. Certainly you should start at the trailhead and follow it up to the Wisdom Tree, where the 360 views are amazing!!! But stop following the map there because it is not worth your time and effort to then hike the other side of the mountain down and back. You might want to instead hike East to the Hollywood Sign, which is a clear and popular trail from the Wisdom Tree. Again, the "loop trail" that is outlined so appealingly on this map is actually no good.

Overall the hike up to the Wisdom Tree is a short but steep and challenging one! Bring water, sunscreen, and strong legs.

Shant Kojababian (174)

8 Completed2 Reviews

Top class trail.

Valerie Martin (100)

3 Completed2 Reviews

Descent moderate hike. Pretty steep incline, but short distance to the top. The vistas near the "wisdom tree" at the top are pretty nice, especially on a clear day. The optional additional walk over to the Hollywood sign is ok--not a must do.