Carbon Canyon Regional Park Loop

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Carbon Canyon Regional Park Loop is a 3.4 mile loop trail located near Brea, California that features a river. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Michael Gomez (198)

4 Completed4 Reviews

The redwoods are cool. Otherwise it's just whatever.

Andre D. (36)

bruce lim (126)

4 Completed4 Reviews

Easy on the legs and feet

Stina Shearer (163)

3 Completed2 Reviews

Beautiful hike!! Wasn't intense at all.

Laura Nuñez (422)

12 Completed6 Reviews

Great walk for a warm day in CA, very easy - no incline and well managed trails (very stroller friendly for the kids). Had some great scenery, the trail is just off of Carbon Canyon Regional Park which is huge and has picnic areas, jungle gyms and a large lake. On the first Saturday of every month they have free guided tours to the Red Woods, I think you have to reserve a space tho. After pulling into the park entrance head all the way to the left, there's a parking lot and the trail head is well labeled.

There was a decent amount of people on the trail, but no so much that it was crowded.

Kelly Black (318)

2 Completed2 Reviews

This was a wonderful walk (I would not even consider it an easy hike.) Very peaceful and beautiful. Jogger friendly, but would not say stroller friendly unless you have sturdy wheels for dirt path. The coastal redwoods are wonderful - it is a small grove, but beautiful nonetheless! Parking was $3 (weekday) and is an easy in and out trail. When you enter the park, turn left and park all the way at the end. The trailhead is marked and very easy to follow.

Vangie T. (2032)

Hiking with Da Boyz. Perfect day for winter break hike. 78 degrees today, not a bad day for vacation.

Brad Ferm (142)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Went early on a Saturday morning. Not crowded. Paid $5 to park. The developed park itself is really nice. Great for a kids bday party. There are at least a half dozen playgrounds, beach volley ball courts, a fishing pond, horseshoe pits and a bunch of tennis courts. Great place to bird watch. And if you want an effort free hike you can continue out the back of the park to the redwood trail that takes you to a small grove of redwoods nestled in between some houses and the dam. Took the dogs and they loved it. If you come in from the neighborhood on the backside I'm sure you can park for free. Took about an hour and a half to casually walk the whole thing.

Morgen Chiaravallotti (81)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I went this morning with my dog and she was so exhausted after, granted it was a pretty hot day. we both enjoyed it immensely! she was runnin without a leash on most of the trail not alot of people passing so you dont have to really worry about other dogs. all around great park and trails! Great for relaxing walks or beginning hiking.

Toña L. (86)

First time here ... Walked half a mile before I could actually find the entrance of the trail. I passed maybe 5 people throughout the hike. Not a comfortable feeling if you're alone. Snakes in the bushes. Not worth paying $5 for parking for a 3 mile hike. Wouldn't come back here again.