Castle Peak

#5 of 219 trails in Tahoe National Forest

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Castle Peak is a 6.2 mile out and back trail located near Soda Springs, California and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from June until September.

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T Smith (1456)

96 Completed48 Reviews

one of our favorite! great for training, lot of climbing to the peak, loose rocks last mile or so. have gone up the ridge and gone the PTC through Round Valley which is more forested. Hv hiked in snow and warmer weather. hike along trail to Peter grub hut, hike up to Andersite peak,endless trail possibilities in such a beautiful area!

Maria Kolakowska (318)

4 Completed3 Reviews

Great hike, even in March during a dry season.

Paul Honatke (1749)

40 Completed32 Reviews

Excellent day hike. Some snow but you could walk on top of it. Wished I'd had a good map to identify more of the visible peaks.

Johnna Magee (228)

8 Completed3 Reviews

Shauna Cohenour (68)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Took my teenage girls for this hike and they really enjoyed it. They are looking to go back and bring friends. The view is amazing. Next time I will hike over the basin peak and walk along the ridge back to castle. Very enjoyable.

Emily Huska (47)

6 Completed1 Reviews

Started the hike around 10:30 am and finished by 12:30. We were hiking quite fast and there is some snow and ice right now but the trail is able to by hiked with just running shoes. There were kids hiking it to but to the North side to the top a lady did slip down the snow about 20 feet so stay focused on where you put your feet. 48 F degrees on this Sunday. Well worth the light haededness and the view on top

Erik James (316)

61 Completed3 Reviews

This trail is a fun hike or snowshoe trek depending on the season. The trail begins at the entrance to Castle Valley. The beginning of the trail is marked by the glacial carved granitic outcrops along the way, and after a mile or so the andesitic volcanic deposits replace the granite. Here, the two predominant rocks of the Tahoe Sierra are present: granodiorites of what geologists call the subjacent series, and more recent andesitic volcanic deposits of the superjacent series. The ridge tops here, including the turrets of Castle Peak are the younger volcanics. From the top of Castle Peak, rainfall on the west slope enters the Yuba basin where it drains to the Pacific under the Golden Gate Bridge, whereas rainfall on the east slope enters the Truckee River basin, where it flows to the Great Basin in Nevada.

Lynn Walker (154)

22 Completed7 Reviews

Highly recommend doing this trail in the winter with snowshoes. I did it on a clear calm January day and the views were spectacular! We even glissaded down parts of the mountain. Super fun!

Rob Smith (181)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Awesome hike. Make sure to watch your step as you go up the mountain. The trail is really soft with lots of loose rocks. It is well worth it when you get to the top it is an amazing view.

Boom King (1394)

44 Completed47 Reviews

Great easy to get to hike. Incredible 360 degree views. Careful of the east side since it is a bit if a drop but this is one of the easier climbs in the area. A use trail not far from the summit will take you to basin peak. Also options to hike in several directions from castle pass. The road into castle valley is not too bad but you do want a high clearance vehicle.