Cataract Falls loop from Rock Spring

#3 of 36 trails in Golden Gate National Recreation Area

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Enjoy the beautiful Catact Falls as it drains into the Alpine Lake, Manzinta groves, redwoods, and chaparral biomes offer a plethora of natural habits to relax and enjoy the soothing sighgts and sounds of nauture.

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Jessica Benson (125)

8 Completed4 Reviews

I really loved this hike. We started from Alpine Lake and made our way upwards toward Mount Tamalpais. There's a lot of different routes to take so I don't think this trail could ever get boring.

Kevin Neuwirth (469)

8 Completed7 Reviews

Love this trail! It's one of the few in the park that allow you to bring your dogs. The first mile through the woods is amazing, especially on foggy mornings! Tons of options and different routes to explore once you hit the meadows! Always a great hike!