Cedar Creek Falls Trail

#1 of 3 trails in Swartz Canyon County Park
Cedar Creek Falls Trail is a 5.2 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Ramona, CA that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

5.2 miles 935 feet Out & Back
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NOTE: Following the death of a 16-year-old boy who fell into the swimming hole, this trail has been CLOSED by the U.S. Forest Service. It is to remain closed until April 1, 2012 or until officials settle on a safety management plan.

Erik Andres
30 minutes ago

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Apparently Google and MAPS don't agree on where the trailhead is. I started at Eagle ridge and came down. Everyone else used the place this app takes you.

Abdul Aziz Abdurrab
6 days ago

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An awesome hike during Spring season, when the waterfall is full of water. Lots of greenery and wildflowers too. Downhill all the way to the foot of the waterfall and then uphill all the way back. it can get pretty hot later during the day, so recommend doing this early in the morning and carrying lots of water. A permit is required to get to the waterfall and you can buy one online. It costs $6 and up to 5 people can hike the trail using that one permit. Carry valid ID on the hike (don't leave it in your vehicle), there may be rangers checking IDs when you get closer to the waterfall. Well-maintained trail. Almost no shade, so carry hat and sunscreen too. Parking is decent, there's a parking lot and some street side parking available. The trailhead (one of them) is in Ramona. Very enjoyable hike, highly recommend.

Ashley Cates
9 days ago

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Vivianne L.
11 days ago

Must have: Permit, ID's, Water and Sunscreen. Permits are checked at the head of the trail and (usually) at the falls.
Recommended is 1 gallon per person. I know it sounds like a lot but even if you don't drink a whole gallon you could save another hikers life. It gets hot and the ground temperature is hotter. There is no shade until you reach the falls. I wouldn't recommend it for children or dogs but it's possible. The hike back to your vehicle is all up hill.
*Swimming IS allowed
*Alcohol possession and use in the area including the falls is prohibited
*The cliffs surrounding the falls are closed to jumping and diving
*Campfires are prohibited throughout this area.

**** Link is where you can buy permit. Search Cedar Creek Falls ****

Gisela Remsen
11 days ago

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Going down is great, but coming back is a bit of a challenge, but it is manageable. If possible, start early morning. Bring plenty of water and/or Gatorade and bring your permit and ID. They are checking before you can go on.

Diana L.
23 days ago

It was awesome because we hiked up to return entrance from waterfall Rain soaked us I felt so fresh breathe and cool! Best shower rain soaked because more flow waterfall but careful for slippery from rocks

Philip Yoho
25 days ago

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What a treat! This hike was unique because the first half of the hike is all down hill to the falls. Which means you must go up to get back to your car. It is about 5.7 miles out and back. I took a side trail to add 1.3 miles giving me about 7 miles for the hike. The water fall didnt disappoint and the views of the socal landscape were awesome. Some important things to note. You must obtain a permit to hike this trail. It is 6 dollars. I recommend getting it in advance. They only allow 75 permits per day. I bought mine on Tuesday and I was number 36. There were no permits available the day of my hike. I got to the trail head at about 0645. There were only two parking spaces left. However there is free parking on the street. There are park rangers at the trailhead and you must sign in and out. This is not a strenuous hike. It is more moderate. I'd rank it's difficultly level at about a 5. I will certainly do this again but I will make it a ten miler by going up to the Eagle Peak/Saddleback Trail prior to going to the falls.

Kevin Parker
25 days ago

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Great hike. Did it this morning and the water is still flowing. Water is a little cold but take the plunge.

Tony Espinoza
30 days ago

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Such an amazing hike waterfall makes it worth. Besides the fact you are required to buy a permit for 6$ not bad. Worth it though. Waterfall was amazing jumping into the water from the rocks was a lot of fun. Wouldn't recommend going with kids. Hike back up was a hell of an incline. Went on April 4th 2016.

Daniella Parker
1 month ago

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Great hike. We left at 3pm it was 82 degrees when we started. Which was fine because you are going downhill on the way to the waterfall. The waterfall was nice but of course other people there at the same time however most left so we have the place to ourselves for a while it is good to go late since most everyone goes in the morning. Also by the time you go back it is cooling off which is good since you will be going uphill. Overall great hike. Would not want to do it in the summer though when it is too hot! We went Aoril 2nd.. Bring hats, no shade until you get to the waterfall.

Billy Baroody
1 month ago

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Easy hike down to the waterfall but long gradual climb back to the trail head. Could be difficult for some. Must have a permit.

Darren Ysselstein
1 month ago

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easy down. the grade isn't huge so not too bad coming back up. worth the hike. took us 2 hours roughly plus your time exploring the waterfall. water was running while we were there.

Heather Gutierrez
1 month ago

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This hike was really fun but definitely challenging on the way back. The temp was about 73 mid day (we left at 12) and I wouldn't recommend going with it much hotter. We brought our pup and took the advice of the ranger by making sure we took breaks and cooled her down on the way back by putting a wet t on her. Got a little turned around at the bottom where you hit the creek but someone helped us out. Saw two snakes, one was a big rattler just hiding off the side of the trail behind a bush. Can't wait to do it again earlier and when it's a little cooler.

Amanda Valdez
1 month ago

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I loved it ! Going down is easy to get to the waterfall . Coming back up is a little harder .

Nancy Piper
1 month ago

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Claudia Ulloa de Cuev
1 month ago

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Julio Cuevas
2 months ago

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Neil Bacon
2 months ago

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Nice easy trails, great views of the waterfall. Get a permit ahead of time and go early. By 11am (on a Sunday) it was getting pretty crowded at the bottom and hot on the trails.

Jordan Goettsche
2 months ago

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Nice easy trail. This is a good place to take new hikers or visitors. Go early to avoid crowds and the heat. This trail gets busy on the weekend. You will need to purchase a pass to get to the fall.

Kristi Jensen
2 months ago

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Easy trail, very beautiful. The flowers were blooming and everything was very green.