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Challenger Park is a 4.1 mile out and back trail located near Simi Valley, California that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, mountain biking & trail running and is accessible year-round.

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Jeremy Ide (104)

5 Completed2 Reviews

Pretty fun area with lots of trails. Good place for family and friends. For beginner to amateur riders. Depending on what kind of riding you like to do.

Dustin Hunt (168)

3 Completed6 Reviews

Thank you to whoever groomed out the winter ruts! Much love. #happymtb

Dustin Hunt (168)

3 Completed6 Reviews

Thank you to whoever groomed the trail and removed the winter ruts! Much love. #happymtb

Dustin Hunt (168)

3 Completed6 Reviews

I like being able to approach from either side. One is steeper than the other but both climbs have their challenges and both downhills will delight. The small amount of shade at the bottom is nice before and after the climb. Saturday morning early and only one other seen on the trail. This trail is short and sweet.

Pamela Grundman (680)

35 Completed17 Reviews

I just need to update this~ I've been doing this hike a few times a week for 2 months, I have wandered thru these hills and have found even more trails to follow. I spend hours exploring this terrain, and it hasn't dissapointed yet. My dog and I love this area, for our 'close to home' weekday hikes!

Pamela Grundman (680)

35 Completed17 Reviews

this is a fun easy hike. it's a go to hike for me during the weekdays, as it's in the neighborhood I live in. I do like the uphills ~ 2 fairly steep ones, get the heart pumping!

Lucas Johnson (153)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Good for a quick hike. If you're feeling adventurous go under the fence at the top and really get up there for a nice view of Simi. Not really challenging except for the one incline in the beginning.

Scott Blough (410)

3 Completed2 Reviews

I visited Challenger Park for the first time, which was ironic because of the relative close proximity to my home. The park was empty. My son and I really enjoyed the solitude while we explored the park.

Esteban Rodriguez (2103)

31 Completed4 Reviews

Ran this trail earlier this morning and loved it! Nice trails, good elevation for both views and training. Lots of wild life and nice views of Simi Valley. Perfect for mountain biking too, will bring my bike next time!