Chumash trail

#1 of 2 trails in Chumash Park
Great vistas of the city below, interesting sandstone formations, beautiful Red Dead Redemption views and sounds. Look for snakes, lizards and few people on trail. No shade ever.

5.33 miles Out & Back 1100 feet
Dog Friendly
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This is a pleasant hike, particularly during the spring when the hills are green and wildflowers are out. Be forewarned that the trail is a sustained uphill trek. There are several spectacular vistas where you can look out over the city of Simi Valley and on a clear day you can even see the Channel Islands. It's not unusual to see hawks circling above and even a deer once in a great while. This trail is also used by mountain bikers so keep a heads up for the speedy downhill riders.

Don Bennett

22 Completed22 Reviews

Kayyy Ohhh

13 Completed8 Reviews

Beautiful views! My favorite part is hiking along the ridge-line. Very satisfying coming back down and you get great views almost the whole way.

Tom Phan

22 Completed3 Reviews

Leonora n/a

4 Completed1 Reviews

Enjoyed hiking this trail. Be ready for bicyclists. They sometimes come in groups.

Dustin Hunt

3 Completed6 Reviews

This is a very technical ride imo. very rewarding at the top and an awesome view of the valley below... not alot of people on the trail today which made for a fast decent.

Dustin Hunt

3 Completed6 Reviews

Within the first 100' I was in my gg and sucking wind. The climb is steady and somewhat technical. The peak of each climb is tuff..over the bars. The dh is fast and careful, the rocks and ruts could throw an inexperienced rider if you're not careful. good see you next time.

Peter Gomez

5 Completed6 Reviews

I have reviewed this trail before, and it is always interesting... great views & varied, unique topography. This time Chumash was the last leg of a 10-mile hike that started on Devil's Canyon at the top of Topanga on the SFV side. Gonna do it again in a couple weeks. Not an easy walk but well worth the trek. (took about 5 hrs at a casual pace.)

Dominic Riccitello

28 Completed15 Reviews

I was confused. I got to the end of Chumash trail and there was nothing to see... so I just kept going till I got to the complete top. I think I combined it with something else? It ended up being 8 miles. It had decent views.

Victoria Dario

12 Completed2 Reviews

Gradual hills and incline on the way out, definitely will work up a sweat. Makes the downhill on the way back even more enjoyable. One of my favorite hikes in the area!

Scott Blough

3 Completed2 Reviews

My Chumash trail hike was cut a little short due to the potential for rain. It was a great trail offering nice inclines with fantastic views of Simi Valley. I look forward to coming back.