Cozy Dell Trail

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Cozy Dell Trail is a 2.6 mile loop trail located near Ojai, CA that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and mountain biking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

2.6 miles 980 feet Loop
dogs on leash hiking mountain biking walking views
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Directions from Ojai: This trail takes off from Highway 33 (8 miles north of Ojai) near Friends Ranch Packing House.

Erin Chisholm
2 days ago

2 Completed0 Reviews

Great trail to take my two dogs up. One rather steep hill but nice on the way down

Rachael Jacobs
9 days ago

50 Completed1 Reviews

It was beautiful fantastic views. But its steep little climb which is nice going up but the down in parts is pretty slippery, be careful not to slide on the loose dirt/rocks.

Crys Rich
1 month ago

4 Completed0 Reviews

This is a solid short hike if you use the loop. If you want to make it longer, keep going and there are a few different directions to take. However, at your own discretion and if you have time because I ended up just turning around twice to find my way back.

Andrea F.
1 month ago

Parts of this trail are not easy. It's a steady incline most of the way but the actual loop is up a steep hill with loose rock. A lot of fun but not a hike I would do on a hot day or by myself. Our route recording shows this hike as 3.5 miles.

Nick M
2 months ago

12 Completed0 Reviews

Good trail, easy/moderate climb for most of it. The last loop has a very high grade hill, >30% in places. At the loop We went up the right trail then walked west along a ridge until we came to a bench, then headed south down the nose (counterclockwise). Descent was a bit rough, rather steep. We also had a dog with us, not a problem. Views were outstanding, mostly orchards and a couple mansions. One thing, it's somewhat easy to miss the loop as marked. We kept hiking about 3/4 of a mile past it (there's definitely a trail or something to follow).

Eli V
2 months ago

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Jon Wilcox
3 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Nice trail with some steep sections. Beautiful views from the upper part of the loop. There is a bench at the top of the ridge which is a perfect resting place. Would recommend going around the loop to the right (counterclockwise) to avoid going downhill on the steepest section.

Kathy K.
3 months ago

Nice trail.. Good view on top. Not too exciting.. But good incline. Not technical.

Chris Dubeau
3 months ago

2 Completed2 Reviews

Great view. Fun with friends and family

Graham Fortier
3 months ago

3 Completed3 Reviews

Great hike. Easy to get to, solid incline. Took my partner and I about an hour to do 3 miles, stopping to take pictures along the way. Good view of the ocean on clear days. Popular, lots of dogs and children.

Micheal Swank
4 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

great trail. I am a bit out of shape but I would easily say this is a MODERATE TRAIL. The incline was constant and at stair angle. Great view at top and on the way down as well. Glorious trail. Just to echo others on the dog leash thing. Seriously people put em on a leash. Several times had joggers with dogs run up on us and it took several minutes to calm the dog after. I hear you. you're dog is amazing. You don't know what other dogs are like - so for the safety of all use a leash.

5 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great hike! It's fine to skip the circle part; lots of folks did. And it seems it's a popular through trail to somewhere beyond; you can see on the map a dotted line (Cozy Ojai Rd?). Lots of families with kids and folks with dogs (wish they'd keep them on the leash though?!). The extra circle part is very steep but up top you can see the ocean and Ana Capa and the lake Casitas; it's a great view. Be careful of that bench though. It looks not long for this world. To get to the steep part and the circle tour requires a sharp departure left from the seemingly through trail - keep your eyes peeled.

Chad Hornig
5 months ago

11 Completed4 Reviews

Kids loved it. Fun easy to moderate hike. Nice shade and views.

Roy Gonella
5 months ago

4 Completed1 Reviews

The hike to the loop is a nice easy, often shaded rise, on a well-marked trail. The loop was much steeper than expected, but we persevered and were rewarded with an amazing view and a nice resting bench at the top. The loop is about only about ¼ mile up to the top. Loads of birds and quiet solitude the whole way. Highly recommended. We are in our early 60s and did the entire hike in a little over 2 hours. Parking easy to find and sign points across the street to narrow but easy-to-find trailhead.

Emma Regalado
5 months ago

32 Completed2 Reviews

Good trail and very cool with oaks making a canopy over most of trail.

anthony L.
8 months ago

I did 8.16 miles today, saw bear tracks but were old so it eased my mind.

Hannah Hakes
11 months ago

21 Completed1 Reviews

Short and sweet it is straight up , and iwent when it was pretty dry so it was a little slippery because everything was very powdery I took my two dogs with me and we did just fine. Beautiful view it only took me an hour round trip

1 year ago

9 Completed3 Reviews

Awesome hiking trail, a few inclines, couple switch backs, trail offers shade & sun. I would definitely rate this trail as moderate. Views of Ojai Valley were beautiful, well maintained & clean trail.

Michael Batchelor
1 year ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

anthony L.
1 year ago

My girlfriend and I hiked this trail today and near the beginning there was an audible beep across the creek up on the mountain it was two beeps followed by a two second interval. It peeked my interestest and I wanted to climb the mountain to find out what it was but the terrain was rugged and steep and no clear trail that noise is gonna bug me for awhile any guesses what it might be?