Del Valle Regional Park Campgrounds

#3 of 6 trails in Lake Del Valle State Recreation Area

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Hike alongside the East Shore of Lake Del Valle. Enjoy beautiful views of the lake. The trail follows the contour of the shoreline.

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Jen Holiday (883)

33 Completed28 Reviews

Not the best trail. The scenery is dry and highlights the luster of the California brown rolling hills. Not exactly the epitome of California beauty highlighted. The trail was suitable for a hike when camping but I would never suggest pursuing it as a day hike destination.

Carolite M (354)

3 Completed2 Reviews

East Ridge Trailhead is outside the park at the top of the ridge just passed Mendenhall Rd. There is no fee to park and hike. Several smaller loops can be taken that connect to this trailhead and provide views of Mt Diablo and the lake. This area is good for hiking, mountain biking and young children. The fire road style trial is easy to walk, but has little shade. There is also no water until you reach camping areas near the lake. Local nature includes live oak trees with mistletoe and red galls, tar weed and other local wildflowers, birds of various types, and deer (if you are lucky). This trail had several vistas with benches to rest and enjoy the view. Very good for the casual hiker or families with smaller children. If you want more of a challenge, just take the single track trails off the main fire road trails.

Julian Garcia (142)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Went this past weekend and took my girls for a hike. It was an enjoyable outing. We had fun and may return for camping and mor hiking.

John T. (206)

It was perfect day. We went off the trail making our own trail. Then came back into the original trail further up. It a nice view up here over looking the lake.

Gary Brown (259)

6 Completed5 Reviews

Not bad if you're already there camping, don't think I'll go back though

Joe Pemberton (142)

0 Completed1 Reviews

There are multiple hikes to do from Del Valle. Ours was the 3 mile hike to Hetch Hetchy Campground, starting from the East Shore, near the boat marina.

The trail was wide and mostly flat. Easygoing. Dogs are allowed off leash, and there was plenty of evidence of dogs. On our return trip we took a dip in the lake - a man made reservoir.

It was hot, but a steady breeze kept us cool. There's running water and pit toilets at the 2 campsites we passed.

We had hoped to continue on further around the lake and do 5 miles but found the trail washed out (literally had eroded into the lake) after about 1.6 miles -- immediately after we reached the Hetch Hetchy camp.