Devil Canyon: Devil Canyon Trail

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Devil Canyon: Devil Canyon Trail is a 4.5 mile out and back trail located near Chatsworth, California. The trail is primarily used for hiking.

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Peter Gomez (226)

5 Completed6 Reviews

This is a fantastic walk. Done it several times. Follows a little creekbed all the way up to the mountains that separate SFV and Santa Clarita Valley. In the heat of summer it stays nice & cool & mostly shaded all the way to the top. There is some water in the creek most of the year, but don't plan on it for drinking. If it has rained recently your boots might get a little wet. Saw deer near the top, and long-horn cattle, and a cougar print in the lower creek bed. (I wouldn't hike this alone.) On this particular hike we started up Devil's Cyn, connected to Rocky Peak Fire Road, then dropped down into Simi Valley on the Chumash trail. About 10 miles end to end. Beautiful day for a hike but the wind up on the ridge line (about 3 miles) was brutal. Completed the hike in 5 hours.

For those who are concerned about finding the trailhead... go to hwy 118 at the Topanga Exit. Go up the hill on Poema St. a few hundred yards & park on the street. Walk through the apt. complex and there is a stairway in the back that drops down to a dirt road. Follow that down to the creek.

Hex G (225)

10 Completed9 Reviews

Nice trail lots of stuff an interesting formations. I found the easiest way to get there is going up canoga ave an park on Candice st. Walk a lil bit to the start of the trailhead. The other ways where confusing for me but I found this way is easier. Canoga is between topanga canyon an de soto.

Billy Yates (139)

2 Completed1 Reviews

I can understand where people had difficulty looking for the trailhead. If you drive up the hill, look for the second (third?) driveway on the right with the map of the complex on a sign. Walk to the back and then head left when you reach the dirt/mulch path, and soon afterwards you'll find the stairs. There is a cool old car that's rusty and stripped at the bottom on the left. If you're feeling a little adventurous, a little ways up the trail there's a rock that says "falls" on your left. We didn't see any falls, but its an awesome view from up higher with some really nice houses at the top. There's also an amazingly old cactus up there and what looks like to be a temporary shelter or stove made from stone next to it. We saw about 7 deer along the way an a good variety of birds. The dam was pretty neat, except my buddy convinced me to climb it, and I ended up falling a good 20 feet through trees because some concrete snapped off, all good though. Quick hike back, it took us only 2 hours with detours and injury check haha.

Matthew Majcher (585)

13 Completed1 Reviews

Very hard to find since the trailhead is blocked by a community development, but this is an excellent trail for running! A little overgrown, but as a result there's some great scrambling. Two fantastic gravity runs if you take any of the two trails that split off up towards the community, hence the 4 stars. Watch out for poisoning oak.

Darrel Wilson (906)

23 Completed26 Reviews

Bad trail. Not maintained. Very short. Dont waste your time

Luke Williams (787)

11 Completed1 Reviews

After reading about the challenging aspects of finding this trail and how it was not well maintained, I thought, "This is the hike for me!". Well, I should have listened, and stayed away. I did find the entrance, after walking around it. I did find the trail, for the first half mile or so until it just criss-crossed all over itself and I lost it. Then I found it and walked up this big hill, and it ended....about 3 miles before it should have. No idea where I went wrong or how I could have done it different. Too much work, too hard to follow the trail, to many confusing switchbacks for the reward. Some nice spots, but I would hike in half a mile and turn around. There are far better trails in this area that offer a better hiking experience, better views and easier access.