Effie Yeaw Nature Center Trails

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Effie Yeaw Nature Center Trails is a 2 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Carmichael, CA that features a river and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

2.0 miles 29 feet Loop
no dogs wheelchair friendly kid friendly birding hiking nature trips trail running walking river wild flowers wildlife
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Jay A
8 days ago

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Great trail, saw awesome wildlife, easy with plenty of options on length. Awesome views of the river.

Bri Johnson
20 days ago

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Used to go on these trails all the time as a kid, my grandfather would take my sister and I. We had a ton of fun watching all the wildlife and spending time with family. Just went there again recently after being out of state for 9 years. Have to say it hasn't changed a bit!! Still fun and beautiful, very clean and easy trails. Really love this place, it has a very special spot in my heart!

21 days ago

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had fun

Ana C.
27 days ago

Very beautiful

parvathi tholla
1 month ago

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Renee Welsh
2 months ago

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Perfect for my 2 year old:)

Stephanie LeBeau
2 months ago

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I came here to go hiking but they do not allow dogs...

Yesica Vergara
2 months ago

7 Completed2 Reviews

Amazing trail. My kids love it.
Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in the nature walk? But overall we had an amazing time :)

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Jody Schaefer
2 months ago

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Emily Santos
2 months ago

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This was an okay trail. There were a lot of inconsiderate people with off leash dogs and I had to protect my on leash dog. Other than that, the trail was nice, not overly difficult terrain and since its almost spring everything was green and beautiful.

Aretha Gillis
3 months ago

17 Completed17 Reviews

Cute little outing with wildlife. Kids will love it.

Sera Kay
5 months ago

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Very pretty. Not strenuous at all. I prefer to get my heart rate up a little, but it was good for my dad.

Candace Amundson
7 months ago

16 Completed11 Reviews

I'm sure it's pretty when we are not in a drought but it was too dry for me - there are green markers but no information on them any longer and that was sad - the trail is not super interesting except the vine tree at the beginning

Joy Sheehan
7 months ago

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Not a whole lot of shade on most trails and the river isn't as full due to the drought but the nature center has wildlife and a good sized room for kids to learn and play in as well as a nice picnic area.

Laura B
8 months ago

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Great for the kids. Lots of educational signs to read. Deer close to the paths. Make sure you go into the nature center and see the reptiles and birds.

Jerry Y
8 months ago

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Great place to take the family for an easy hike and an opportunity to see deer,etc and have the kids learn something about the area at the Nature Center.

Rae Cline
9 months ago

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Dominik Novinc
10 months ago

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very nice and scenic. could be a little bit longer...doesn't take too long to get thru.

Karen B
11 months ago

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Great photo opportunities and an excellent family location for easy hiking and river views. Lots of wildlife and plants. Museum and docents have live animals to show. Highly recommended.

Julie Madrid
1 year ago

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Just spent 3 hours here. I came by myself and had a BLAST!!