Fairy Falls Trail (AKA Beal Falls or Shingle Falls)

Penn Valley, CA

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Also known as Ferry Falls; Hills, meadow, woods, & rocks lead to 100-foot waterfall. Formerly owned by Beale, this land was once home to a mock German town for training during WWII. Lots of protected wildlife within. Small shooting range 1/4 mile up Waldo Rd. before reaching the trailhead.

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Cory Waters (118)

3 Completed4 Reviews

located right out side of camp far west. Even the drive to the trail is an adventure, with beautiful scenery, historic landmarks. one of which is the last truss bridge of its kind. when driving be careful your GPS doesn't take you an off the beaten path direction like mine did( only giving up and turning around after the third cattle grid and eighth no trespassing sign). right when you step out onto the trail, you feel the tranquility. passing over a creek and basically staying parallel with it until you reach the falls. when my wife and I went there were a few cars; but the hike to the falls we passed a few people coming back. once at the falls we set up a picnic, enjoyed the scenery. on the hike back. we didn't run into one person. no rush, no worries. just us

Cory Waters (118)

3 Completed4 Reviews

Michelle Sherwood (144)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Very easy hike with a beautiful place to eat lunch at. Took the kids (4 and 6) for a short hike and made day of it. They did really well. Bring water, especially in the summer because a lot of the area is going to be out in the direct sun. The upper trail was easy we took that to the falls then hiked down to the lower trail to eat and headed back via the lower trail.

T Smith (1429)

91 Completed47 Reviews

we love this trail on a cool spring day. watch for hunting season though late March into first weekend of April that you can't hike, it's close enough to home so we take visitors and all age groups. probably not the best hike if you're going to travel over an hour. waterfall is cool, swimming holes, rocks to jump around on, dangerous section with small children near falls, just be watchful. lot of roaming cows, saw coyote at dusk once.

Jeremy Masters (126)

10 Completed5 Reviews

I love this place, I've been going here since i was a kid.
Now my kids love it too!
Creek hiking is the best, lots of cool hidden spots out here.
It's a hot walk in the summer, i like to go at night.
Watch out for poison oak and make sure you spare tire is good on your car.

Sophia H. (45)

this was impossible to find!!! my boyfriend and i were really looking forward to it, but we ended up driving around for 3 hours and were unable to find the trailhead... i would love to go back and try again, does anyone have any helpful information to reach the trail?

Owen Autry (85)

2 Completed2 Reviews

This is a great family hike and short. The weather played a big part in it's enjoyment. You will not be alone.

Kristi Kuhn (38)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Really beautiful waterfall and pretty easy to get to once you find the trailhead. Make sure you go past the shooting range and keep following the road for a couple miles. The parking lot will be on your left.

You're able to find spots to go down towards the river and hang out. You can take either trail for the upper falls or lower falls and you'll end up in the same spot.

Susan Simmers (241)

4 Completed2 Reviews

I'm sure this would have been a beautiful trail if the trailhead was even remotely easy to find. We drove all over and did not see one trail marker. It made for a frustrating morning. Not one I am likely to repeat.

Jared Ruggles (75)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Make sure you stay on the truck sized path at the beginning. There is a gate to the left that we went through that took us in the wrong direction. I am glad we went through it as it took us on a long scenic route, crossed a creek a couple times, spent some time on the horse path making our way though beautiful green fields (we were on a clearly marked path the whole time so we were not worried that we would get lost just worried we would not find the waterfall) but we were lucky enough to come in contact with a rancher on his horse with his herd dog. He pointed us in the direction of the falls and we made it.