Fairy Falls Trail (AKA Beal Falls or Shingle Falls)

Fairy Falls Trail (AKA Beal Falls or Shingle Falls) is a 5.1 mile loop trail located near Penn Valley, CA that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, horses, and mountain biking and is accessible from May until September. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

5.1 miles 367 feet Loop
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This isn't the most difficult hike in the world, but it's one of my favorites. The terrain is extremely varied for such a small hike. You start at an abandoned mine at the site of an old town known as Spenceville. As you walk the dirt road, you see pass a creek and cross rolling hills. At the end of the road, you turn right and pass through a metal gate. Once past the gate, you climb a hill and emerge on a grassy meadow and a cattle crossing. At the edge of the meadow is a trail that leads through a wooded area and finally exits at a great swimming hole along the creek. After a refreshing dip, follow the trail along the creekside and up the hill. Climb over the rocks and you're at the overlook for Beale Falls. You can either walk around the other side of the hill and to the top of the falls, or walk the steep trail next to the protective fence. Either way, it's a great place to eat lunch. When it's all over, head back the way you came!

Mniska Lamb

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Beautiful. Super mellow. Not too busy. Glad I did it.

Amber Willis

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The road about 15 min to trail is really really bumpy! Our little car made it but whoo was it rocky. The drive was worth it. Just went last week. Nice fall day not too hot. I can see it getting pretty hot in summer. Did read some reviews saying this place is haunted. Did feel like we had to look over our shoulders a few times or look back. Did not see anyone out there besides on the way back. Very secluded. Overall very pretty. We went on the lower trail and there was a short part of the trail which looked like it was washed away. Felt like walking on a slant. The waterfall was goregous! Sorta creepy and a great reminder with the cross at the top of a grave site to be very careful. Dont think I would ever jump or swim in there because of how darl the water was though. Overall great hike cool pretty purple ground every once in a while.

Candace Amundson

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Gps does not work - I could give lots of directions but instead I will just say find the written directions online and follow them. The hike is fine once your there but the road getting there simply sucks. The hike itself is not that interesting but the falls are awesome!!! Hike down but be careful the rocks are beyond slick - have fu.

Jamie Kealoha

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Amber Oglesby

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James Rafael

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Drove here heading North on 65. My mapping program was correct on the route (but way off on ETA because it thought you could drive all the way to the falls itself). The best route would be through the base (not sure if that is allowed) so the mapping programs all route around it. I've attached the GPS coordinates for the parking lot on Google Maps so you map from your starting point. The last few miles are dirt road, but the road is very hard packed. We were in a regular car and there was no issues. Just before the parking lot we did see hunters unpacking (including their rifles) and there was signs posted that hunting was allowed on the trail, but we did not see any hunters (or deer). Also heard no gunfire on the hike, but from the parking lot you can hear the range off in the distance. The trail itself has great trail signs (as there are some interesting looking offshoots this is important).

The hike itself was great. We started off at around 10:30AM and did not see a soul until we were nearly done our hike (perfect). There were patches of rolling grassland, followed by treed areas, followed by rocky outcroppings. If you don't like the view, walk a half mile. The area around the falls is very rugged (which is good, you are in nature) so keep you kids close. On a hot summer day I would be tempted to go for a swim. Except for right in front of the falls the trail is very wide and smooth (not any extreme hills).

I would call it an easy and worthwhile hike. The few miles of gravel road and relative remoteness make for a quiet hike where you can really feel like you are all alone in the world.

Jesska Fowler

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Kind of difficult to find while driving there, but so worth it!! When you come to a fork in the road, follow the purple dirt!! Dog friendly, cool swimming spots, easy hike overall

Sherry Kuang

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We got a bit confused on where the beginning was but we found it! That's what I get for relying on my phone and not writing down directions. It was a nice and easy hike although a few times there is a fork in the road and there arent any signs on where to go. We go to the waterfall which was gorgeous and we went in the VERY cold water. The weather was pretty hot but the water was very cold. Easy hike overall, gorgeous views and dog friendly! Always a plus.

Leesh S

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This was a fun and easy hike. Getting to the hike location is the confusing part. The parking lot is not marked we just did a lot of guessing.

We went towards the upper falls. It's true that this place is haunted since I heard voices and seen things out of the ordinary on the way up and of course my dog sensed it. Got to the top of the 100ft fall. We climbed down to the stream of water & to the tip of the 100ft fall with our Siberian Husky. A bit scary but we were able to manage. My dog loved it by the time we got to the water. The hike down was fairly easy and made a few stops to the other pool of water locations. We decided we will just run down to the car to get a good workout in. Definitely a good place to get a jog in.

Jeff B.

Easy and fun hike! Our kids (6, 8, & 12) had a good time. Much of the hike is on a dirt road with little shade. A great waterfall and pool await though to cool off! Amazing how much water there is for Sept in a drought!

Note: Apple Maps gave us the wrong directions but we were able to find it using the trial map. Also note, there are no bathrooms available.