Fairy Falls Trail (AKA Beal Falls or Shingle Falls)

Penn Valley, CA

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Also known as Ferry Falls; Hills, meadow, woods, & rocks lead to 100-foot waterfall. Formerly owned by Beale, this land was once home to a mock German town for training during WWII. Lots of protected wildlife within. Small shooting range 1/4 mile up Waldo Rd. before reaching the trailhead.

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Susan Simmers (241)

4 Completed2 Reviews

I'm sure this would have been a beautiful trail if the trailhead was even remotely easy to find. We drove all over and did not see one trail marker. It made for a frustrating morning. Not one I am likely to repeat.

Jared Ruggles (75)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Make sure you stay on the truck sized path at the beginning. There is a gate to the left that we went through that took us in the wrong direction. I am glad we went through it as it took us on a long scenic route, crossed a creek a couple times, spent some time on the horse path making our way though beautiful green fields (we were on a clearly marked path the whole time so we were not worried that we would get lost just worried we would not find the waterfall) but we were lucky enough to come in contact with a rancher on his horse with his herd dog. He pointed us in the direction of the falls and we made it.

James Brinkmann (184)

2 Completed1 Reviews

With the recent heavy rains the waterfall had been absolutely gushing. the trail is still in good shape and the fairy falls are loud and vibrant.

I would highly recommend this trail. It is the perfect waterfall/picnic date hike.

Jeffrey Roth (101)

1 Completed1 Reviews

The hike to the falls was nothing too spectacular. A leisurely stroll through the golden foothills with scattered oaks. The trail is wide and exposed so if you're going in the heat, bring proper protection and lots of water. Once you get to the fall, there's a steep, short hike down to the bottom with a great hole for swimming. The fall makes it worth the hike. July 17th and the water was flowing somewhat strong, but clear that it was dwindling.

Kathleen Beldon Curry (148)

12 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful falls. Getting to the start of trailhead can be confusing. From Sacramento take HWY 65 to Wheatland, make a right on Main Street, which turns to Spenceville Rd, make a right on Camp Far West. You will be driving on a dirt, rocky road. On the right, you will see the turnoff to the Camp Far West campground, go past this and go straight up the hill for about ten miles and make a right at the "Y." You will come to a "T" first, past this. At the Y, there is a sign that says Spenceville Wildlife Area.

Reg Underwood (87)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Finding it can be tricky. Go to Camp Far West reservoir. Go past the campground until it ends at old Spenceville Rd. Turn right. Go another few miles and you will see the old cement footbridge on the left. Follow the signs. Awesome Trail, Easy hike but can got hot. Take a large bottle of water and bring some snacks to enjoy. Look for the old mining equipment at the top of the falls. There is also a memorial cross for a young man who lost his life jumping off into the water.

Bianca Marin (44)

1 Completed1 Reviews

how exactly fo I make it to the parking?

M V (251)

11 Completed11 Reviews

Jus finished this hike with my husband and our dogs, a lab and a shihtzu. The hike itself was a very nice easy hike, finding the trailhead was not as easy. The road leading to it is gravel n very bumpy; had we known, would've driven truck instead of TL.

We chose to do this hike because it's dog friendly. Since we got lost on the way to the trailhead, we got a later start on the trail so it was hot. Overall, was glad there was still some shade. We appreciated the view of the falls and the dogs did not hesitate to jump in the water after hiking n the hot sun. Thumbs up to lower falls :D

Nicole Larios (180)

5 Completed4 Reviews

So beautiful! Very easy Hike! No cell signal, had to have a girl life flighted out.. so be well prepared.

Christopher Clarke (390)

22 Completed6 Reviews

Great hike. Easy route and beautiful falls. Lots of geocaches out here as well.