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The Fall Creek trail follows Fall creek up the drainage. Explore this beautiful babbling creek and the natural surrounding of Henry Cowell Redwood State Park.

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Carmia Rios (37)

1 Completed1 Reviews

This is a beautiful hike through the redwoods, with far fewer people than you will encounter at Henry Cowell. Note, however, that dogs are not allowed, even on a leash.

Lisa French (205)

4 Completed5 Reviews

Awesome hike through redwoods, along a creek with points of historical interest scattered throughout (lime kilns, powder magazine, etc.). Very beautiful, some up and down, trails are well-marked. Watch out for rocks and tree roots! Hiking sticks are helpful. The distance for the trail route suggested by All Trails is incorrect; it's actually about 4 miles RT.

Lisa French (205)

4 Completed5 Reviews

Aemie Woolen (3536)

38 Completed35 Reviews

Christina Chen (47)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful hike that is mainly along the creek! 11 miles hike - fall creek trail to Lost Empire to Big Ben trail and end back on Fall Creek trail. Very little people on the trails so it's great to have all the park to yourselves.

John Martin (219)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Estela Cabral De Lara (206)

7 Completed1 Reviews

Love the trees, creek and clean air

Martin Pelikan (99)

6 Completed3 Reviews

Helen Kwak (800)

24 Completed11 Reviews

This is a lesser-known hike where one can experience the redwoods to the fullest! The hike itself isn't too strenuous and it's definitely worth doing. Note that this hike is separate unit from Henry Cowell State Park!

Kat Prichard (3527)

53 Completed52 Reviews