Foresthill Divide Loop Trail

#2 of 14 trails in Auburn State Recreation Area

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Foresthill Divide Loop Trail is a 11.3 mile loop trail located near Auburn, California that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, mountain biking & trail running and is accessible year-round. Rolling moderate to hard hills on well-defined single-track trails.

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Ian Bright (82)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Would have been five stars, but it isn't family friendly. Some portions of the trail had TONS of poison oak. Not to mention the rattle snake my son narrowly avoided before I yanked him back from striking distance, and the curious tick who mysteriously found it's way onto his backpack.

On the plus side, the scenery was beautiful and there were long stretches of shade to help keep us cool.

Due to the dangers mentioned above, I do not recommend this trail for any novice.

Bella Engbretson (42)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Cool overlook of Lake Clementine, overall nice trail!

Michael Benedict (180)

40 Completed3 Reviews

Very fun ride...I'd recommend to any rider except the earliest beginner. Paying $10 for a day-use fee SUCKS!
Google Earth wrongly labels the main "Foresthill Divide Trailhead" it is really at 38°56'33.24"N/120°58'57.14"W

Boom King (1084)

34 Completed37 Reviews

This is one of my favorite trail runs because of the condition of the trail, local scenery, and there are a few nice vistas. You won't feel too remote because it gets a lot of use and does not stray too far from the road. Most MTBs ride it counter clockwise, so I like to run it clockwise from the west trailhead. It might get a little confusing around drivers flat and past it for a mile, so study the map. The actual loop is closer to 10 miles, about 11 if you add the spur from the west trailhead. Also consider starting at the connector trail and you can stretch it to almost 17 miles.

Mark R. (82)

Started from the east trailhead and went counterclockwise. The first half was heavily wooded, which was good because there was a lot of shade on a very warm day. Once we crossed Foresthill Road, the trail was very exposed the majority of the time, so lots of sun. The distance varies depending on which website you look at. Some tag it at 8.2 miles without any of the extra spurs, including the extra 0.5 miles from the west trailhead. We got 9.6 miles and it took about two hours with over 1,600 feet elevation gain. The scenery is beautiful but runners/hikers need to be aware of mountain bikers. Overall a very beautiful trail, but next time I will run counterclockwise from the west trailhead and save the more scenic parts for the second half of my run.

Scott Whitaker (124)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I loved the this trail. It is now one of my favorite's! However, I didn't quite get the "loop." I went out about 8 miles and just came back, because it didn't appear to loop go in a loop. Great endurance and cardio workout with all of the rolling hills!

zantha stateler (62)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I enjoyed this trail and and all the different habitats you pass through. the flowers and birds were in full evidence and beautiful - I got ran into by butterflies more than once! my only complaint is that you have to run across the road twice to complete the loop - and people are going at least fifty five. Very dangerous! I think that the forest service should put up some "warning - dirty hikers may hoof it across the road here" (or something along those lines)

Niel McNiel (78)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Better for mountain bikers than hikers. We saw very few other hikers and a lot of bikers on the trails. Fortunately, the bikers were all polite and friendly but unfortunately, a lot of the time the only place to step off the trail and let them pass was thick with poison oak. The trail is thick with poison oak for much of it.
The map we went off of (hadn't found this site) listed the loop as 8.2 miles which after we did the almost a mile side trail for the overlook it was a bit of a bummer to discover that the miles makers go to 11. Which is great for a guitar amp but not so great if you were figuring on being done at the 8 mile marker. Fortunately, there is decent shade along much of the trail as it got later in the day than we were planning on.
Another reason it is better for bikes than hikes is although it does have some views out into the canyon I just figure an 11+ mile hike should have some stunning view that you earn by hiking that far and it didn't have a 'wow' moment.

Greg Brouelette (56)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Be aware that now that the State Park has implemented their ridiculous "day use" fee you will now be charged $10 to simply park your car on the side of the road.

Walk your dog for an hour : $10
Go look at the view for 15 minutes : $10

All of the parking spots in the American River now have this "day use fee. Even parking on the side of a dirt road on Yankee Jim road now cost $10.

Colby Faisst (371)

7 Completed3 Reviews

Pretty good hike. There is very little elevation change. It seems like this is a more cyclist/equestrian friendly trail. Also good if you have kids or are new to hiking. The views were ok. One of the downsides is the whole way you hear traffic noise from Foresthill Road. If you're looking for serenity I would look elsewhere. But this was a good day hike. If I go again, however, it will probably be for an endurance run. Not as scenic as I had hoped though.