Gold Lake Trail loop

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Gold Lake Trail loop is a 3 mile out and back trail located near Berry Creek, California that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for camping & hiking and is accessible year-round.

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Neal Emery (56)

1 Completed1 Reviews

One of my favorite hikes! Been coming here for about 35 years. Not difficult but a few steep areas to traverse. However, the listed location shows Berry Creek which is close to Oroville, no where near, this Gold lake trail. The Gold Lake trail is actually located near Meadow Valley just west of Quincy. Extremely beautiful and rugged area. Not usually accessible until after June or July due to snow pack still in shaded areas of access road, which can be quite deep at times. (Seen more than one vehicle get stuck in a snow bank up there.) Well worth the drive and effort, don't think you can find a much more relaxing and beautiful atmosphere than the Gold / Silver lake area.

James Leonard (146)

0 Completed2 Reviews

This is an easy hike, suitable for younger children (5-6 and up). The trail doesnt have much elevation untill you get to eht end and decend into Gold Lake itself. There is many areas to hang out and fish for the day. Fishing, camping, picnics, whatever your style its a nice day. Snow may be an issue up till July, and sometimes the manzanita starts getting grabby.