Hermit Falls Trail

#4 of 6 trails in Arcadia Wilderness Park
Hermit Falls Trail is a 2.6 mile out and back trail located near Sierra Madre, California that features a waterfall and is accessible from November until June. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking & walking.

2.6 miles Out & Back 600 feet
Dog Friendly
hiking walking dogs leash views waterfall
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From the Foothill Freeway (I-210) in Arcadia, take the Santa Anita Avenue exit and drive north to Chantry Flat, 4.6 miles.

Rachel Kennedy Mayfield

1 Completed1 Reviews

$5 to park nice falls at bottom of trail. well maintained trail. down hill to falls then uphill to return.

Nick Lunsford

24 Completed1 Reviews

Dedrick Knox

3 Completed3 Reviews

Easy hike, even for the less experienced hiker. not much gain or loss but a nice walk through nature.

isabel m.

Karen Agurto

22 Completed9 Reviews

The way there is downhill so be prepared for a moderate incline on the way back. It starts out without shade then as you make your way down you have the trees shade. I thought the water looked gross. There was trash at the bottom of the pools & even along the trail. There's also graffiti on the rocks which made the spot less beautiful. People were jumping off rocks into the pools. I left when a family came and took over the spot I was hanging out at. As in they literally put their stuff on top of mine & complained my dog scared their child. Please be respectful wherever you go hiking. If you didn't get there first, sucks but move along. I'm all for sharing but not being uncomfortable like that.

Krista Flores

4 Completed4 Reviews

This hike is easy on the way to the falls but the way back is inclined. Cliff jumping is a must at the falls. There are 3 levels and whoever is really brave can do the highest. The water is quite refreshing.

Veronica Enriquez

4 Completed3 Reviews

I like to run this trail...good work out.

Abram Herrera

1 Completed1 Reviews

This short trail packs a strong punch. It's a good workout & a lot of fun.

Marylou M

4 Completed3 Reviews

It was a good hike and the water fall was great, the water was fresh well i bit cold but worth it because it was a hot day. Their was plenty of youngters. The way back was a little tiring.

Allison Signaigo

12 Completed10 Reviews