Hermit Falls Trail

#4 of 6 trails in Arcadia Wilderness Park

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Hermit Falls Trail is a 2.6 mile out and back trail located near Sierra Madre, California that features a waterfall and is accessible from November until June. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking & walking.

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Kasie Samakool (94)

1 Completed1 Reviews

This was a great hike for my husband and I ... We are new to hiking and didn't want to get on anything too long or steep... My husband hikes with our son on his back ... This was a great hike even though the stream and falls were pretty dried up, there was still plenty of water at the bottom for the enthusiasts to cliff jump into from the 50 ft cliff... The views were amazing as well even without the water... The actual hike is pretty level in most places however it is very high up and steep drop offs so could be dangerous for rambunctious kids that aren't attached to you in one way or another...the hike is in a park so there are several other hikes as well .it is a beautiful drive up so that adds a star . :)

Martin Junior (87)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Lauren Sugay (438)

13 Completed7 Reviews

I went here today with some friends for the first time. The trail itself doesn't really deserve 4 stars, but the entire experience I had did. If you're going to be doing this hike you should remember to bring a lot of water! There's shade, but you'll be asking for water with the incline this hike gives you. The trail/road is really narrow, so BE CAREFUL and go at your own pace. On the way over was really pleasant, but once you reach the falls there's tons of graffiti. IF YOU PLAN ON JUMPING THE 50ft, it's not too bad just make sure you pencil dive. The water was lower because of the drought and dryness but everyone in my group who jumped made it out alive. Its scary, but doing it is a good experience; you feel so victorious! Please, please clean up after yourselves. My friend scraped her arm on an empty bottle in one of the pools and another stepped on glass and had to go to the hospital.

Chris Pelayo (56)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I'll start with this YES ! it's really trashed around the hrom waterbottles being thrown every which way and the boulder jumping activities into the water when you reach your destination are Extremely dangerous PLEASE DO NOT GET CLOSE TO THE EDGE WITHOUT SITTING ON YOU BUTT YOU WILL SLIO

Jessica Whitehead (43)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Ali Santiago (37)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Bruce Eckstrom (182)

31 Completed1 Reviews

Went again up to Hermit Falls yesterday and had a great time. Sure there were a few other hikers and dogs on the trail but everyone was friendly and great having a great time. Water flow was higher than I would have expected especially in light of the very little precipitation that we have had until recently. Many rock jumpers as is expected here.

Lynda Chekay (3159)

97 Completed141 Reviews

This is a great little side trip to your hike up in this trail system . It is so beautiful. There was a lot of water because of the recent rains

Chop Angeles (417)

16 Completed12 Reviews

Easy fun hike again. Not such a workout just for scenery

Rebecca Brockmeyer (245)

14 Completed8 Reviews

Fun hike, could have done w o all the teenagers blasting techno and getting drunk and high.