Holy Jim Falls Trail

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Holy Jim Falls Trail is a 2.8 mile round trip located near Trabuco Canyon, California that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, mountain biking & walking and is accessible year-round. (Drive out Trabuco Creek Road to get to trailhead.)

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Christina Sanchez (229)

22 Completed0 Reviews

Easy hike. If you come here looking for raging waterfall then I would just say that late spring may not be the best time. I have been told that late winter and early spring is a better time. Regardless, it is a nice hike. The drive in was a fun bumpy one. Plan on washing your car after.

Nicole Milligan (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Excellent Trail for Off Roading!

Lassen G. (156)

Michael Fischer (93)

5 Completed5 Reviews

Nice for the whole family. Not challenging by any means and the waterfall is more of a water-trickle, but a good starter for everyone.

Giul U. (81)

3 Completed3 Reviews

I took my SUV and scratch the right side of my car with tree branches (unhappy face). The road to get to the trial is a few miles long, bumpy and gets progressively worse as you get closer to the trail. I decided to park 1 mile away on the side of the road. You can get by without a truck/SUV.my friends took a Lexus CT hatchback and didnt scratch their car! No entrance fee

The hike is pretty and there is still water in the waterfall . We saw a snake, lizards, a huge ladybug nest, and several woodpeckers.

Will do it again, but will ask for a ride (hahaha)

Ryan Beaudoin (230)

11 Completed10 Reviews

Went on a Saturday. Didn't spend much time at the "falls" because of a giant loud family that took over the area.

Julio Carlos (37)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great hike lots of boulders to climb to get to waterfall.

Maira Vasquez (226)

6 Completed5 Reviews

This place was hard to get to, but well worth it. Beautiful scenery.

Kelly Miles (892)

8 Completed8 Reviews

4 out of 5 - had to take one star away because of the bugs. Cool shady trail. Moderate elevation gain. Some minor rock scrambling. More poison oak than you can shake a stick at (really, there's so much you'd just quit with the shaking). If you're a fig fan this trail is for you - wild fig trees all up and down the canyon floor. Busy trail - mostly hikers, but had to dodge a couple mountain bikers barreling downhill. 3.8 miles to the falls and back from the parking lot just beyond the Holy Jim firehouse.

Stacey Miles (348)

9 Completed7 Reviews

Somehow my husband and I ended up walking closer to 4 miles on this hike - but it was absolutely lovely. Medium difficulty - LOTS of climbing (so a certain level of ability is required) and crossing river beds. I definitely saw mountain bikes, kids and dogs here though. My ONLY complaint is all the bugs. :( Really fun step back in time, really lovely hike, lots of shade and a very cold stream. Will do it again! The drive TO the trail is an adventure too - 4.7 miles of off-roading after you turn off the street before you get to the parking area. (would not suggest a low-clearance car)