Holy Jim Falls Trail

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Holy Jim Falls Trail is a 2.8 mile round trip located near Trabuco Canyon, California that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, mountain biking & walking and is accessible year-round. (Drive out Trabuco Creek Road to get to trailhead.)

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Marnie Ravitch (620)

19 Completed19 Reviews

Easy, fun hike along creek. Small waterfall/pool at end of trail. Only negative point was too many screaming kids poorly supervised and several dogs off their leashes. My mom was practically mauled by a St. Bernard because it was attracted to her cane. It almost knocked her down. The owner didn't apologize or help get the dog off my mom. For those of you who think it's cruel to keep your dog on a leash, please consider the rights of the people on the trail who prefer not to come in contact with your dog. It's terrifying to round a corner only to find a huge dog staring back at you with no leash or owner in sight. It's not fair to do to others. Each time I've been bitten, it's been by a dog who "never bit anyone before" as if it's my fault! Very frustrating. I only mention all this because for some reason, there were a LOT of unleashed dogs on this trail and it just about ruined our day there.

Aurora Molina (185)

5 Completed1 Reviews

Went there yesterday. No river water, fall was a trinkle and the tree tunnel I really wanted to see has been half way cut down so it doesn't look like a tunnel at all. Still a good trail though. Good scenery. Very nice and shaded all the way. Make sure you use/take bug spray. Tons of flies/nats/bugs.
Can't wait to go back in the spring :)

Joe Andrews (238)

6 Completed6 Reviews

I suggest not to drive your car past the "conditioned" dirt road unless you have all wheel drive or a truck or SUV.

Little to no water at this time of the year. The flies were terrible while walking to the main trail. Beautiful scenery and an easy walk for all ages.

I will be back in November during the lady bug migration.

Joe Andrews (238)

6 Completed6 Reviews

Jessy R. (125)

I took my 9 + 12 year old sons. They loved it. I loved the scenic walk and would do it over and over again for the scenery. Beautiful scenes to view there, however, the waterfall is a trickle now due to lack of rainfall. Dam drought! However, I am anxious to see it after a few good rains. It is a perfect walk for the whole family. Lots of shade and no real challenges.

Rich Hernandez (81)

8 Completed2 Reviews

Nice falls

Regina Essex (40)

5 Completed1 Reviews

I have done this hike several times. It is a nice easy hike. The trail can become crowded on a nice weekend. Start out early to miss the masses!

Brad S. (36)

Barbara Soltan (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

This was a great beginning hike. It was my first time hiking with my 7 month old daughter in a carrier and it was perfect due to lots of shade, not too strenuous and not too long. It's a nice shady walk, waterfall is not impressive. The drive is very bumpy so come out in a truck if possible!

Ramzi Mekhail (152)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Trail is easy enough, but the falls aren't as impressive as other trails (i.e. Angeles). This is a trail we did just before hiking to the summit of Santiago. Good for a quick photo