Lake Margaret Trail

#5 of 134 trails in Eldorado National Forest

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Lake Margaret Trail is a 5 mile trail (RT) located near Kirkwood, California. The trail is primarily used for hiking. It also is a nice place for an easy overnight backpack trip. The Lake is a great place for an afternoon swim and picnic. Fishing is no good, beavers are in the area.

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Julie Lindsay (76)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Family friendly hike with fun water crossings. Great lake and streams to picnic by.

Shassity murphy (155)

10 Completed10 Reviews

Great hike! Lots of water had to navigate quite a few water crossings. It was super fun.

Shassity murphy (155)

10 Completed10 Reviews

Great hike! Lots of water had to navigate quite a few water crossings. It was super fun.

Karen Agurto (424)

17 Completed7 Reviews

Follow the rock piles! My friend and I were stuck a few times searching for the trail because some parts are not obvious but we would just look for those little rock piles & that led us in the right direction. Make sure to wear bug spray as well. This was a great hike for my dog, he was tired out by the end.

Richard Flores (579)

20 Completed10 Reviews

Hiked and overnighted early April 2015. Nice hike 2.5 miles. Some mud and snow but not bad. I'd do this one again.

Nancy S. (319)

We have hiked this several times. Great hike through sierra forest, beaver ponds, granite trails, stream crossings. In late summer, take a swim it is heavenly.

Ky Sil (230)

4 Completed3 Reviews

beautiful place! one of natures best. you can count on loving your time on this trail.

Jay Norton (288)

7 Completed7 Reviews

Excellent hike, a good full day hike with beautiful scenery, very green, lots of flowers still in midsummer.The trail winds through lush meadowland, over large granite slabs and around clear sparkling streams and stained alpine ponds.The trail gets faint in a few places- may have to search around a little to find it again.At the end of the trail is a natural lake, its pretty warm for a alpine lake, great to swim in! We explored the small islands on the lake and even camped overnight, there is about 3-4 places that will fit a tent or two at trails end.Be sure to pack water or a water filtration system of some sort, iodine tablets, anything,. seen way to many people going without proper hydration lately.This trail is mostly moderate and just difficult enough to make it strenuous in places.

Carin Chumbley (539)

20 Completed24 Reviews

A nice hike for taking the dogs along!

Carin Chumbley (539)

20 Completed24 Reviews

Another enjoyable hike! Happened upon it when expecting to do a different hike, and really loved it. We hope to go back for a back packing trip because the lake at the end has some perfect camping areas.