Lake Natoma Trail

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Lake Natoma Trail is a 11.2 mile loop trail located near Orangevale, CA. The trail is good for all skill levels offers a number of activity options. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

11.2 miles 396 feet Loop
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Raylee Zhao

4 Completed2 Reviews

Allen Ortillo

11 Completed4 Reviews

A lot of cyclist because it is made for them. Preferred terrain instead of pavement coz is not good for your feet and legs if not use to it but we still did 12miles. So not bad for the goal but will not be back unless we get into cycling

Kathy V.

I love the trails. The only down side is that some of the bikers don't like having pedestrians on the trails, even though we stay in our lane.

Katie Schroeder

5 Completed4 Reviews

Katie Schroeder

5 Completed4 Reviews


Mina J

17 Completed5 Reviews

Very easy trail. We saw 2 deers today.

Biagio Guadagnolo

11 Completed11 Reviews

One of my favorite local trails.

Jeff M.

This was a great easy trail. Minor elevation changes. About 11.5 miles total. There were a good amount of bikers and joggers but it wasn't terrible. If you try and start at Negro Bar Park like I did, you end up paying 10.00 to park. I highly recommend parking on a side street somewhere nearby. The whole trail was paved but there are plenty of offshoots to go on which are dirt.

Jennie Mendez

1 Completed1 Reviews

Wonderful workout, beautiful view and great tan lol

Audrey W.

The directions given from the app shoot you up into a residential area where you have to park then follow a chain link fence down to the lake, but there were tons of much better options to park at that we saw once we were down there. It was steep and hot on the way back up. Should have done more research but anyhow! Once down there the lake is lovely and the bike trail rapped around the lake is paved and wide enough for everyone. Everyone we encountered were super nice and cautious. We took our German shepherd, she loved the water and watching the ducks. Only thing she didn't love was the HOT pavement on her paws so it may be best to not go on a hot day with your dog. We were on the more exposed side but altogether it was a lovely trip. Will definitely be going back for kayaking.