Lion Canyon Trail

#66 of 219 trails in Los Padres National Forest

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Lion Canyon Trail is a 5.6 mile trail located near Ojai, California and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

Directions from Ventura: Travel north on Highway 33 for about 25 miles. The highway is under restrictive use once it enters the forest. Located 6 miles off Highway 33 off Forest Road 6N31.3. The trail starts at the back of Middle Lion Campground, across the stream.

California Travel and Tourism Commision, P.O. Box 1499 , Sacramento, CA, 95812-1499, Phone: 800-862-2543



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Starts off with a small creek and has many canyon views as the hike progresses; rises about 1K feet and there is a nice picnic/camping area you can use as a turn around spot. My wife, 20 mo. Old daughter and 10 yr old dog completed this in about 4 hours.