N. Fork Matilija Trail 23W07

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N. Fork Matilija Trail 23W07 is a 3.2 mile out and back trail located near Ojai, CA that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

3.3 miles 213 feet Out & Back
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Directions from Ventura: Travel north on Highway 33 to Matilija Canyon Road and turn left (west). Drive up Matilija Canyon Road to a locked gate.

Andrea Robinson

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Sarkis Vartanian

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Hey Interested in hiking this trail tomorrow any suggestions?

Maria Vanoni

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Huck Jones

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Michael M.

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The wife and I are visiting Ojai for the first time, and wanted a day hike with moderate difficulty. Starting around 10:00am, we hiked in 4 miles to the 2nd campsite, took a short break to stretch and hydrate, and then hiked back 4 miles. We were moving at a leisurely pace, getting back to our car around 2:45pm.

Things to know:
- You'll cross a stream a couple of times, and at least today the water was not a problem. You could easily hop from rock to rock and stay dry.
- The parking lot is easy to find, and you do cross past a brown gate down a private road past a few houses before reaching the trailhead.
- The trail is relatively easy to follow. Thankfully, someone has spraypainted yellow dots and arrows throughout the trail, helping you in any tricky places. On our way back we did go the wrong way twice, but found our way back quickly. Just look for those Yellow dots!

Jesson D

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The trailhead is just 30 minutes from Ojai where you must take care in hiding all valuables in your car at the locked gate to the wildlife refuge. We began our hike at 1130AM, and already starting to feel the heat coming on. Just me and my 13 year old son going for an overnighter, and it was his first backpacking trip. Passing the refuge and continuing on the easement led to more sun exposure. We stayed on the dirt road and passed a couple trails, on either side until we got to a fork in the road with a sign saying ‘all trails’ heading left, and private property to the right. We stay right and enter Blue Heron Ranch, where we see no one on site. We pass horses and continue on the dirt path as the easement turns but generally heads due north. After about an hour and half, we cross a small stream and come into a clearing for a campsite, but it appears we're still on Blue Heron Ranch property. There is a firepit and a quartz rock big enough to sit on. We continue up the path, hop a rock wall next to a closed gate and turn right which looks like the trail that veered left that we passed when entering the ranch. We continue to see stacked rocks from time to time, encouraged to keep going. At last we come upon a campsite marked by a huge boulder and large oak trees. There is a fire pit and walking around, there are several campsites by the creek. We pick a spot a little off trail towards the creek to setup our campsite. We also meet a local who advises us about nearby swimming holes and the waterfalls further up the trail. Packing a small axe was helpful when gathering wood and chopping some down to manageable pieces. Dried leaves and twigs were plentiful for getting a fire started. Be careful of poison oak. They are scattered all over the place, in the campsites and near the trails. Careful of spiders, there were literally hundreds of them in a bunch, which at first glance looked liked moss. The water hole near the campsite was fun. Large boulders to jump off, but the water was dirty, mossy, please use water shoes. We spent about an hour here before sundown. The temperature dipped into the 50's at night. The following morning, after breakfast and packing up, we hit the trail to make it to the waterfall. We pass the first watering hole, and come up on another one, deeper and cleaner because it's more of a rock pool. We press on walking alongside the creek, but an hour later stop for lunch and assess our water. I had only packed 1 bottle of water and forgot the water filter, so we decide not to continue, turn back and spend some time in the rock pool. We grab our packs and head back towards the car. We end up reaching the car in just over 1 hour. As we walked through Blue Heron Ranch, we were advised to take the "other trail" instead of through the ranch. Overall, it was a good quick overnight backpack trip. My son felt proud to accomplish the trek and back, and looks forward to more adventures.

Jessica Judd

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It was really fun, want to camp next time, the trail is a little overgrown so make sure and bring pants and bug spray

Cortney Rasura

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Have done this several times. Went to Upper Falls and climbed above them using the ropes. Saw three more beautiful waterfalls, but then it was time to turn around. Saw several groups of people hiking & camping. Was a beautiful day.

Alaina DeGraw LaVella

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We just spent a good 5 hours out and back- seasoned hikers- did not find a waterfall with a pool to jump off of...passed quite a few campgrounds, ran into some college kids looking for it as well. They left to meet back with their friends after upper camp. Kind of disappointed we didn't get to swim in the falls pool for our honeymoon trip. Definitely wear pants. We didn't and regretted it

Merrit Panaligan

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Very difficult to stay on trail between the creek crossings, foliage and random step ups. However, if you pay VERY CLOSE attention to the cairns, and don't second guess what you think is a trail or not (it probably is a trail) AND often stay to the right of the trail, you will find your way. Loved this hike, bring a swimsuit to enjoy the water pools and plan enough time. Cx