Millbrae and Burlingame Area - San Francisco Bay Trail

#2 of 2 trails in Coyote Point Recreation Area
A pleasant Spot for stroll along the Bay, this trail is right on the flyway for many migratory birds, so keep your eyes peeled for waterfowl, and planes landing at SFO

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Park near Robert Wooly State Park

Ben Cope

9 Completed2 Reviews

Great all around use space. Walking on lunch to relaxing by the bay.

Xavier Minakawa

1 Completed1 Reviews

excellent trail for bicycling, hiking, trail running and families. OK for rollerblading (bad pavement or hardpack dirt in places). Kids will love being able to see airplanes landing at SFO. Most of this is part of the Bay Trail and is primarily paved, and away from streets. Easy for kids to bicycle.
The trail is basically nonexistent between the Westin to Broadway Ave, where you'll have to walk along Old Bayshore Hwy, but you can get extremely close to SFO at Bayfront park at the northmost end of the trail.
From Broadway Ave, get to Airport Blvd and go south, where there are multiple parking points and several parks & hotels along the way to take in views, a meal, or bathroom breaks. You will need to get back on Airport Blvd briefly where the boat/restaurant is, for about 1/2 mile, before you can continue on the Bay Trail into Coyote Point Park.
It is a little tricky getting through Coyote Point Park, from which you can easily continue all the way to under Hwy 92 (about 8.5 mi from Bayfront Park) and into Redwood Shores.
There is little flora/fauna to see which is why it's only 4 stars.