Mt. Waterman loop

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Mt. Waterman loop is a 5.7 mile loop trail located near Mt Wilson, CA that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from May until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

5.7 miles 1250 feet Loop
dog friendly hiking forest views wild flowers wildlife
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Brittany S.

Cristina V

1 Completed1 Reviews

For a relatively quick and moderate but more on the easy side hike so close to Los Angeles I felt completely transported into another land. I've been to Angeles Forest before but not at this elevation. I wanted to get away from LA but have had bad experiences with the trails near Arcadia and Altadena with over crowding, trash, and graffiti. There was none of that on this trail.

The vistas where epic even if you didn't get a full wide view, especially when you get to the top. Beautiful pine trees everywhere. We started on the fire road across the highway from the parking area and picnic area and headed left on the loop after a few yards which puts you on the north facing side of the mountain. Starts uphill from there. We took our small dogs and they loved it. Not too hard of a hike for them either.

Cool little details of our hike was the random picnic table nestled in the trees a little bit into the beginning of the loop, found bear tracks along the path which was exciting, the pine needles at the top of the mountains make a really soft place to sit, and the crazy twisting growth pattern on a lot of the trees.

I want to go back in the spring after the snow melt for sure. I want to see the wildflower and pop up streams.

Karen Nishimoto

33 Completed2 Reviews

Sean Skelton

20 Completed2 Reviews

A really enjoyable hike for all, located off of Angeles Crest. I found it by accident a few years ago, looking for no trail in particular... Had to pull over and park when I caught sight of the ski lift.

Alex Garza

12 Completed7 Reviews

Did the hike yesterday. we started off the fire road all the way to the top. It can get confusing because there are lots of false trails. It was a good hike surrounded by forest. Not too many views. The hike is good for beginners. There are no cliffs or any kind of danger the entire hike. The single track coming back is a real treat. Better than the fire road. Hike on!

Jason Ethridge

21 Completed18 Reviews

A super relaxing, easy trail that is well shaded most of the way. There is a bit of an insect problem once you get about halfway up, but otherwise this is a great hike. View all the way to Mt Wilson from the top.

Shannon Holst

18 Completed7 Reviews

Great easy hike with beautiful views. Dog and kid friendly!

Laura Nuñez

12 Completed6 Reviews

For anyone venturing the trail starts across the road from Buckhorn Day Use area, its a fire road around mile marker '58-07' go up the fire road 100 yards and the trail-head stake is on the left. The trail was awesome, beautiful views and a very moderate climb the whole way, with only a steep incline to get up to the summit. After the summit continue on the trail until you get to the fire road. I would have given it 5 stars but the last 3.5 miles of the trail are on the fire road (you walk through Waterman Ski Resort-there's a map there), but you can always go back the way you came.

Matt Rosenberg

12 Completed2 Reviews

Discovered Mt. Waterman by chance and knew I had to check it out. Drove out and spent Saturday hiking the amazing trail. Out & back it was about 7.5 miles but it was the most relaxing/moderate hike I've been on in awhile. The whole time you're covered with the foliage of the trees but the sun peeks through every now & then. At every turn you're gifted with amazing views so make sure to bring a good camera and a snack to enjoy when you reach the summit/plateau. You can do some bouldering once you reach the's really just an amazing time.
We started our hike fairly late (1pm-ish) so we didn't have a lot of time to enjoy the summit bc the sun was going down and it was getting chilly. I recommend starting out at 8am so you have hours to play around when you reach the top.

* I'll be posting some pics on my instagram so check them out if you'd like: @mister_mr

John Roelofs

5 Completed4 Reviews

Beautiful trail, stunning vistas, not too strenuous. Went up here Memorial Day weekend and it was relatively secluded. We only ran into 3 other people on the trail. Peak season is June thru October, otherwise you're in for some chilly weather. There's a junction almost halfway around the loop, assuming you're hiking clockwise, where the trail splits. To your right the waterman mountain loop continues up to the summit plateau. To the left you will head down a series of switchbacks towards twin peaks and beyond. We foolishly took a left and while we were rewarded by more gorgeous views and myriad red, purple, and yellow wildflowers, it took us way off course. Hiking back up those switchbacks was punishing. However, if you do it right it's a glorious day hike. If you want to make a weekend of it go left to find a wilderness campsite and more trails to explore.