Mt. Waterman loop

#73 of 195 trails in Angeles National Forest

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Mt. Waterman loop is a 6.3 mile loop trail located near Mt Wilson, California. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

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John Roelofs (102)

4 Completed3 Reviews

Beautiful trail, stunning vistas, not too strenuous. Went up here Memorial Day weekend and it was relatively secluded. We only ran into 3 other people on the trail. Peak season is June thru October, otherwise you're in for some chilly weather. There's a junction almost halfway around the loop, assuming you're hiking clockwise, where the trail splits. To your right the waterman mountain loop continues up to the summit plateau. To the left you will head down a series of switchbacks towards twin peaks and beyond. We foolishly took a left and while we were rewarded by more gorgeous views and myriad red, purple, and yellow wildflowers, it took us way off course. Hiking back up those switchbacks was punishing. However, if you do it right it's a glorious day hike. If you want to make a weekend of it go left to find a wilderness campsite and more trails to explore.

Kyle Mccown (858)

31 Completed22 Reviews

Hiked today (5/18/14). No snow, but no problem - still beautiful. The only bummer was that it wasn't a super clear day.

Mohammad Khan (487)

17 Completed10 Reviews

I hiked this trail on 3/16/2014. There were still some snow here and there. I had to stop many times to take pictures, very beautiful views! Peak has many big size rocks, which were easy to climb, just in case you want to go to the peak to see survey mark. I took ATV trail to descend which was not as scenic as compared to hiking trail. I saw two hikers with their dog but not in lease. I think, I will hike this trail again but won't take ATV trail. BTW, if have hard time to find the trailhead, it's just near 58-00 miles mark.

Travis Alexander (144)

12 Completed2 Reviews

Great hike through the Angeles National Forest with some beautiful views near the peak. Very few people, though since its right on the 2, you will hear the motorcycles riding by for at least a 3rd of the hike.